By BrokeAsFuck - United States
Today, my mom and I went out to a fancy and expensive restaurant per her request; she told me it was her treat. After we ate our meals and the large check came, she excused herself to the bathroom. She didn't come back. I was dine-and-dashed by my own mother. FML
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  MegaFun_fml  |  6

She could have just told you she didn't have enough money. It would be embarrassing but surely better than dine-and-dashing your own child. Unless your mom's a total bitch all along, in which case, FYL OP.

  jisaac09  |  25

Or, if OP wanted to guarantee that the business received their money but didn't want to pay her mother's bill OP could have talked to the manager about what happened, paid her half of the tab and gave all of the mother's information (Name, address, phone number) to the restaurant.

The business wants the money, not to put someone behind bars (in cases such a this).

By  iFit21  |  2

I'm sorry but that's just too funny.
Lol, but really mean too.
But really funny, if my mom or dad did that
I'd laugh so hard but be so pissed that I had to pay o.O