By Sam - 02/12/2012 14:05 - United States - Indianapolis

Today, my mom and I took my senile grandmother to the mall, since she doesn't get out much. She complained it was hot, then took her clothing off in the middle of the food court. It took us thirty minutes to make her put her shirt back on. FML
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Maybe she shouldn't get out much.


Maybe she shouldn't get out much.

Maybe if she did, she wouldn't do that because she would know better

Not if she has Alzheimers. A side effect is lose of social skills and socially acceptable behavior.

Lesson: Never take your grandmother to the mall.

If I EVER made the mistake of taking my grandmother to the mall, and she did this, my FML would go like so: "I had to hide in a bathroom for 30 minutes while my mom made her put her shirt back on. FML

What are thread jackers exactly?

Sorry wrong reply.

You're an idiot

Oh wow, how sad you would say that and how sad you would get so many people thumbing you up. My little brother is severely autistic, which results in him sometimes being loud or do strange things in public. Yes lots of people stare and some assholes make nasty comments about the fact that he should stay home instead of being out with “normal” people. However, I would never ever consider not taking him out because of a few thoughtless and selfish dickheads who don’t want to have their tiny world been bothered for a few minutes. My brother may be doing odd things but he is harmless and sweet. These people should be embarrassed for judging, not me or in this case OP’s family and shame on you to think that people with mental sickness are better off staying at home. They have feelings too and they enjoy being outdoors like we do. I think it’s great that OP and his (her?) mother take the poor gran out. If only people could simply could just move on instead of staring and making judgments.

Well let’s hope that your own family will not have the same reasoning if one day you develop dementia and that they will not be embarrassed by you but support you and take care of you no matter what.


Grandmas bucket list- #67- strip like the youngin's on GGW.

You're being harsh. Dementia is a horrible condition which kills the person yet not the body. Poor woman.

This Comment is funnier then the original post .

Cut her some slack, she didn't know.

I think she's already got enough slack.

Neither the time nor the place, grandma!

I'm a twattt.

Ha maybe it was the same grandmother who was talking to mannequins!

My eyes, they burn! Fyl though.. Grandma wanted freedom I don't blame her.

Maybe she's one of those bowflex grandmas so it isn't that bad

Unfortunately, boflex or not, eventually gravity takes over.

If grandmother wants freedom, she should get a kilt.

Maybe she thought she was going to the pool

Maybe she heard Nelly singing, "It's getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes. Granny's getting so hot, she's gonna take her clothes off." Granny really took those lyrics serious.

Could we just stop saying stupid shit.

70, my thoughts exactly. FGranny'sL :(

What is it with all these grannies and retail stores? First Hollister now here dang.

Still a better love story than twilight.

If I had a dime, wait. If I got a penny for the amount of time this jokes been said I could have single handily bought Microsoft and Apple :)

False. Microsoft and apple can't be purchased by a single shareholder.

25- Dwight?

That joke is getting old

Man, there been a lot of FML's about crazy grandparents. I think I have to count my blessing because I have a normal loving grandma.

You only think she's normal ... Just wait, you'll soon have an FML to post about Granny

At least you tried ! Ahha

In what way is that comment funny enough to merit an "ahha" at the end? Especially by yourself.