By maddengirl12 - United States
Today, my mom and I flew three hours from Wyoming to a volleyball camp in Kentucky. When we arrived, we went to the volleyball center and told them I was there for the volleyball camp. They told me it had been cancelled two weeks ago and they forgot to call us. FML
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By  DonPandon  |  15

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  chinaski7628  |  32

If you received a confirmation when you booked the trip, why would you call before you go? It's the camp's responsibility to alert the participants of a change.

By  asherm  |  15

Sucks, they should have called! But, while you are there, check out visitors attractions. Hey, if you're there anyway, make a mini vacay with mom. Explore and see stuff!


That's for sure. I would know, I'm from Wyoming. The only thing worth seeing there is Jackson Hole, but only for the skiing! Wyoming is so sparsely populated that I probably know OP, too.

  capsizedatsea  |  15

How about they throw the balls at the people that run the centre when they told them IN THE CENTRE it was canceled? So there must have been someone there to tell them.

  Tthug  |  34

Yes, because a few hundred bucks is totally worth paying a lawyer 10 grand. I seriously hope you're joking. One of the first lessons is suing people with the money. If this camp can't stay open, how much money do you think they have?

  jaellin  |  18

I personally wouldn't sue in this case, but $10k is a bit extreme. And we really have no idea how much was spent on tickets, hotel, etc., not to mention the cost of the camp itself. Those types of things can be insanely expensive. Plus the camp being canceled and poorly run doesn't necessarily mean it's broke.

  lenehey  |  7

I don't think they deserved it, but seriously, who goes to Kentucky to play volleyball? And, if you were so inclined, would you seriously fly halfway across the country?? And, if you were still inclined to fly halfway across the country to play VOLLEYBALL, seriously, wouldn't you at absolute minimum make sure it was a world class operation/league/spirts center? Now that I think about it, maybe they do deserve it!

  ksks1234  |  33

33-- someone that PLAYS volleyball probably would go to Kentucky to play volleyball. Maybe she travels there because she plans on playing volleyball in college or she wants to be a pro. Maybe this place is a great facility, they just accidentally dropped the ball in this one instance. Just because you think volleyball isn't important enough to fly to Kentucky, doesn't mean OP has the same view,

  buttcramp  |  21

yeah maybe OP picked the best volleyball coach in the country or something.. but then you think they'd have a facility organized enough to call.. lol I'm on the fence about it.

  lenehey  |  7

Again, I ask you: Kentucky!?! Since when is anyone in Kentucky known for their outstanding volleyball? Now if you're looking for some good bourbon, ir maybe a fine race horse, it might be the place to go. But not volleyball. Sorry if I offended anyone!