By Rebecca - United States - Bloomfield
Today, my mom admitted that the only reason she took me out for lunch was because she felt guilty over going on a massive shopping spree for my sister while I was forced to stay home alone. I thanked her for the Wendy's meal anyway. FML
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  Sing_Along  |  7

I the mom felt guilty about it then obviously it doesn't happen that often. Which means she might not have favorites, it might he just been random. Chin up op, I bet she's done the same for you at some point.

  LissaMccracken  |  23

Just because some people have things worse, doesn't mean that other people aren't allowed to complain... I'm sure you've complained about something, and I'm also sure that somebody has it way worse than you.

  coried91  |  28

My husband has a lot of computers too. He buys them for really cheap and fixes them. Then he resells them for a crap load of cash. He might not have actually paid that much for them.

  Pentium_4  |  26

well I built them all (the desktops): 1 for the parents, 1 runs Linux to route the internet and dish out DHCP, 1 plays Netflix on our bigscreen, my personal laptop, my brothers laptop I gave him for school, seedbox, file server, upstairs HTPC, my gaming computer, the others run [email protected] And only 4 of them are Pentium 4's ;)