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  TheOptimist  |  0

40 - Janitor, Maid, Slave, Housekeeper. Looks like we already get a few jobs for this. Looks like the unemployed OCD kids of America are to stay unemployed for now.

  shaubygal  |  11

I have OCD and I get super pissed when someone changes things in my room or house also if something I write on a piece if paper aggravates me I have to erase it like literally 10 times

  perdix  |  29

No, there's OCB which is Obsessive-Compulsive Behavior which is mild form of OCD, the Disorder. I have CDO -- it's the same as OCD, except in proper alphabetical order like it needs to be.

  perdix  |  29


I used to have faith in humanity, but then their behavior would confuse and upset me. Now that I look at everyone as a money-grubbing fucknut, I can often successfully predict what people will do.

By  nadhirah  |  4

What's wrong? It's Good to keep the house neat and tidy. And it's just the dishes. If you always keep it neat and order, there wouldn't be much work everytime u do it.