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Today, my mom accused me of stealing money from her purse. Being totally innocent, I reminded her that the only other person with access to it is her boyfriend. She said she trusts him because she loves him. They've been dating for 2 months. I've been her daughter for 25 years. FML
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  Orchard  |  33

That's exactly what it is, her mother doesn't love her daughter in the right capacity. My mom accused me of stealing too, I was completely innocent, and then she actually told me she despised me. I recommend the OP do what I did - get away from her mother, because that is an unhealthy relationship which will always leave her heartbroken. Nothing hurts worse than your own mother hating you, abusing you, and accusing you. As hard as it is, she needs to get away from her mom.

  Sandman366  |  6

Love is acknowledging everything right and wrong about a person (that you know anyway, though acknowledging they have secrets works too), and willing to stick with them through the best or worst of days. (Even if that sticking together means after walking through hell you start fighting. Like siblings - they could go back to back against the world, then turn around and brawl.) Ignoring what's wrong with someone is ignorance.

  wlddog  |  14

Turnabout is fair play.
It was simply a logical conclusion based on the viewpoint that parents teach their kids how to deal with the world.

Logically, love must equaled trust in her mind, and the mother trusts the boyfriend and is in love with him. However, the mother does NOT trust the daughter, then she can not love her daughter.
If no love is between them then the daughter is prone to not love the mother back.
The statement still stands.
If the mother loves and trusts the boyfriend, and not the daughter, chances are the daughter does not love her back.