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Sounds like the best maths lesson ever.

Probably not the most fun, but hey at least you're not doing math!


Sounds like the best maths lesson ever.

I think it sounds like the teacher is lonely.

Do you think he feels isosilated?

Wow that joke really flew over your head #28

21 Probably one of my top 5 FML puns.

Isn't that what we do on the Internet all day anyway when we are out of class?

No I just think they wanted everyone to see acute cat.

I definitely wouldn't be complaining.

I can understand why the OP is complaining if they actually want to learn math in math class and not just bludge.

Probably not the most fun, but hey at least you're not doing math!

Well Mr. Teacher (just guessing that's his name) could be making them do math based on the cat like "If my cat's name is made fun of three times a week, how many times will the name be made fun of in the next two years?"

*aren't doing maths

Is it bad that I actually always really enjoyed maths class? My teacher was so tiny and sweet, but then would suddenly go crazy; a bit like a gremlin, really. :P

I really do enjoy math as well and yet I'm 15, won't be seeing much of my kind.

I'm sorry, what's the problem? Sounds to me like you got out of class?

But still, seeing pictures of a cat has to be better than doing "maths." Even if the teacher can't come up with a less literal name for a cat.

It is referred to as maths in the UK.

Very educational. My sister named her cat "Dr. Professor Kitten." I loved that cat.

I's rather do that than actual math work

Such a creative name!

Steffi3 40

I wonder hope Mr Cat will also be in your exams, instead of whatever material you were supposed to be taught

Mr. Cat would like to see you in his office right meow!

Anyone else smell bullshit?