By djangle - 02/11/2010 23:34 - United States

Today, my marriage counselor told me I have the communication skills of a Lou Gehrig's patient. FML
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I don't think the counsellor know what that disease is all about. my uncle just died of it about 2 years ago...and it has absolutely nothing to do with communication. it has to do with deteriorating muscles. they deteriorate until you have no strength left, not even enough for your heart to pump. so don't take it too seriously, your counsellor is a dumb ass!

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That is so wrong on so many levels, but at least he/ she didn't say you have the sexual prowess of a quadriplegic.


Learn communication skills dumbass.

Reminds me of the time me and harrelson ford were stuck underground for 3 months, by the end of it his vocabulary had deteriorated to only one phrase "wheres my family", hence why all he says in his new films.

knibbsy 4

"harrelson ford" I laughed pretty hard at that. Is that the predecessor to the Model T? Maybe some secret prototype? I think I'll go to a Ford dealer tomorrow and inquire about their harrelson model.

actually not many people know harrison ford real name is harrelson he changed it to harrison because as you have mentioned he didn't want to be named after a car....(god damn I hate iPhone auto correct lol)

knibbsy 4

I just typed in harrison (I'm on my iPhone currently) and it auto-corrected to Harrison. You silly, silly man.

yes but you see I have a mate called harrelson, which my iPhone now auto corrects pretty much any word with h a e n. but I do appreciate the thoroughness of you attempt at humiliation.

knibbsy 4

There's no e in Harrison! If you type in "hand", will your phone change it to harrelson?

jjames7543 13

That could actually be true. When my iPod changes a word, when I don't want it to, it sometimes changes to a word no where near what I intended. So his iPod could be dumb and annoying enough to do that. :P

lemoncows 2

I was trying to say tic tac and it gave me taco...

I like tacos

zvtqd when I typed that in got scree... go wonder

If YOU had autocorrect on, your two "its" would be proper, full fledged "it's."

33: It's because your an arrogant dumbass.

android ftw!

Do the Helen Keller, and talk with your hips

I love you, lol

Autocorrect is actually useful most of the time, people just only say something when it does something stupid. Whenever I say xD it corrects to cD and I have no idea why.

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rofl. wow did you get owned. maybe you can communicate better in bed with a ball gag in your mouth.

Sense: this comment makes none.

knibbsy 4

Sure it does. Nothing says "arghbrglsdihfjdr" like speaking with a ball gag in your mouth. The link is clear!

Who said you could only communicate with your mouth? Nothing says "I trust you, baby" like an exposed, defenseless rump.

knibbsy 4

I didn't say that! I understand that hips don't lie, so I usually refer to them first.

and you could also write out a message in semen or pee...and god forbid shit.

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maybeeeee get to know someone by txting them first.....unless u don't txt then ur outta luck xD

Well, considering it's her marriage counselor... It may be past the point of getting to know her husband by texting him.

knibbsy 4

Learn sign language then!

22cute 17

you need a counselor who respects you.

Punch your counselor really hard in the nuts.

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That is so wrong on so many levels, but at least he/ she didn't say you have the sexual prowess of a quadriplegic.

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Lmfao that's funny!

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it's not funny, that was rude of the counselor to say that my grandma died of that :( the patients really suffer

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tell Lou Gehrig I said what's crackin cuz

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that's a nice boost for your self esteem.