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Why is this guy automatically the bad guy for being the ex? She's the ex too. Maybe she was the dip shit in the relationship. Honestly, it's not that bad that he's working with you. I feel bad for you if this is all it takes for you to get upset. And for everyone saying "I hate all men" or "he sounds like a loser" should all go choke on a dick haha. None of you know what he may or may not of done wrong.

hey, at least he's still cute.


hey, at least he's still cute.

Maybe you should complain about it on the internet instead of moving on with life like he did. Yeah...that'll show him.

Really? Remember this his her ex FIANCÉ. Wow... they nearly got married. FHL FHL FHL!

So? That doesn't make wollowing in your self pity/jealousy a good idea. The best way to get back at someone who thought you were nothing is to show them that you aren't nothing by moving on with life, and last I checked...holding grudges and getting mad every time you see that person is NOT moving on with life. All it does is show the person that they were right in kicking you out of their life, assuming he was the one who broke up with her. And even then, if SHE was the one who broke it off, that's even more of a reason to move on, otherwise you get a "SHE thought I was worthless?" moment.

now see, he moved on, and so you should too! it obviously makes you shit jealous! get on with your damn life.

Thats just awful. I hate men.

Uh what? How does this have anything to do with men being awful

You're right shame on him for getting a crappy job in this shitty economy helping his ex-fiance out with paperwork. Shame on him for moving on with his life too. Shame on all men... for what exactly?

Oh lord. Women are just as (if not more) awful than men. And I am a female.

Wow, that's gotta suck.

Hey, no wonder you're the ex, maybe you should of brought him lunch :s

Cool! You can win him back! I'm figuring if you dumped him and he found someone else this wouldn't be an FML. Therefore, he must have dumped you and you are desperately lonely. Thank your manager for the solid and go ahead with your creepy stalker tricks.

:D Plexico, you're back!?

No, I think he's going to be gone for a while. I heard he wants to come back and he will when he can.

I knew it. We miss you Plexico!

Ah well, at least her manager is clearly trying to set her up. Still, I'm sure her ex-fiance gets more satisfaction out of the lunch his new bitch brings him than he could ever get out of his new bitch. :]

Your ex-fiance is a boy? Wonderful.

what a small world

If his part time job is to help you with paperwork, then he sounds like a loser. Take the high road, and stop declaring that YLIF.

Um yes, that may be classified as being a loser, but you shouldn't dump or avoid someone because they have a bad job like that. Jobs are hard to find, these days people just take a job when it comes available. If people judged on jobs, I think nearly nobody would have a partner.