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  SecretMe00  |  5

Isn't the bite zone anywhere around the head? How are you suppose to groom them if you can only touch half of the dog? I work at a dog daycare and I would think you should just keep a muzzle on the ones known to bite.

  lyttleravyn  |  1

Sounds the OP works at a corp/big box store. The "bite zone" they are referring to is where the dog can reach with its head, which mainly includes not only the head, but the neck/chest and front legs/feet - the front 'half' of the dog.

  josephbates  |  8

Trust me this is petsmart... I work there too
They have this specific "safety topic" every couple of months...
Well the only problem is if you groom or do nails or tons of other shit youre FORCED to be in "the bite zone"
Seriously fuck petsmart

Btw all managers that work there are mentally challenged people who can't work themselves

  AmbrosiaWriter  |  17

I've handled a lot of dogs and you'd be surprised on how drastically the "bite zone" changes depending on breed. It's really hard to tell unless you have experience with the breed exactly how far they can, and will contort themselves to get your hand.

Sure, you should always try your best to remain out of what can be assumed is the "bite zone" for all breeds, but it's not always obvious if you're in danger or not. I've handled a dog that nearly flipped himself over on the doctor's table - luckily he just REALLY wanted to lick my face and get the treat I had, but if he had been going for a bite I probably would've gotten it.