By Poopy - United States
  Today, my man and I were having sex on edge of bed. We were using chocolate spread and I was riding him. When we were done, he got up and I noticed a long brown line on the edge of the bed. I knelt down to smell it. It was NOT chocolate. FML
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By  Chase55  |  1

my friends first sexual experience was when he was 16, he was eating out this asian college girl. She lost control and shit all over his face. i cherish that story, and wanna tell my kids about it one day. "Hey kids! wanna hear one about your uncle james?"

By  FMLgirl_fml  |  0

OMG that happened to a guy i was banging too. I was on top and when he got up to go to the restroom there was a bit of shit on the sheets where his ass had been... (we dont "shag" anymore"