By cheezeits - 26/10/2009 04:24 - United States

Today, my long-distance girlfriend asked me if she could see someone else on the side. FML
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Then when she finds someone else on the side who she prefers, you'll be out of the picture. This wont end well for you I'm afraid. :(

Ditch the bitch and score a new woman.


Then when she finds someone else on the side who she prefers, you'll be out of the picture. This wont end well for you I'm afraid. :(

Tell her you're not a hamburger that you can have fries on the side with.

That's kinda when you have to hang up and move on. Don't even give her an answer.

She asked you AFTER she began seeing the other guy. Donkey punch the bitch.

note that OP is female, so the girl is probably seeing another girl. YDI for complaining about this sort of thing in a long distance relationship, though. This is one of many reasons they don't work- there's no fulfillment. The relationship ends up feeling shallow and meaningless and a lot of people can't handle that. Basically, don't go into a long-distance relationship with expectations that the other party will be faithful.

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Why wouldn't a person expect their partner to be faithful, long distance or not? There's no reason to commit to each other if one or both parties don't intend to keep said commitment. OP and her girlfriend need to talk it out and discover why she feels like she needs somebody else. If it's the physical aspect, there's not much OP can do, but that's not her fault. All it takes is willingness to communicate.

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Same thing happened to me. That's how it starts, then you end up alone like me.

Ditch the bitch and score a new woman.

Or a real woman! With a physical body instead of just... text? Are you following me here?

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Bang her Sister!

Yeah, unfortunately for anyone, including you, long distant relationships don't work at all :/

Long distance relationships are fine so long as you have solid plans to close that distance by a specific known time. If you both have that to look forward to then you have your light at the end of the tunnel to see you through.

Agreed. I've been in a long distance for 11 months as of yesterday :) and We're planning to see each other again soon. He already came to visit me this summer :)

Long distance relationships DO work as long as both people are willing to make it work. I've been in a few long distance, some didn't work. The most recent one worked, I am Happily married to the guy! It was only long distance cause of the military. So whoever said when you have to leave someone behind to break up instead, obviously will never last in a military relationship. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

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I met my girlfriend who I live with right now 8 years ago on Everquest. Long distance relationships work sometimes =P. To be fair though, we dated once for two years, split up, got back together two years later, and then dated for a year before she moved up here and we've been together since.

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yes long distance relationships can work happen 2 be proof tyvm!! 2 the O.P.: u could move on n find some1 better...or if u truly feel that strongly about her then tell her u only want it to be the 2 of side relations! then again who says she's commitment oriented so maybe best just to move on.

I've been in a long distance relationship for nearly 4 years now. He lives in Indiana, I live in California. People make it seem impossible for these relationships to work, but you have to put work effort into it, together. We have been together in person, but it took us about three years before we finally got the chance to be together, and there are times where you think "we might not every see each other," but we kept trying for so long to be together. Now that we're in college, it's much easier to see each other, but we're still going to have to wait until we get to move in together. We trust each other, and tell each other everything. We don't have the luxury of seeing the person you love all the time, so we NEVER take advantage of the other. If you seriously want to be in a long distance relationship, you have to be able to cooperate with one another, and don't bullshit for any reason.

I agree with #6. I recently got out of a long distance relationship myself (also with another woman so I really feel u there) we broke up because of other reasons, but the only reason we survived was because of planned visits and knowing that we would soon be together again. but if shes asking to date someone else, yes she gets kudos for asking... but shes really just starting the break up process because she's obviously not dedicated enough to making things work. It is probably time to talk it out and see if its worth continuing... because theres no sense in continuing a relationship thats not going anywhere.... especially if you're not going to be together properly for a long time. good luck

Not necessarily true. I've been in one for four years now, and it's rough at times, but it's worked out alright.

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I agree with #66

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I agree they can work out but it's not for everyone OP maybe your girlfriend couldn't handle it

Dump her - she clearly doesn't respect you and value the relationship if she wants to see someone else at the same time!

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Find someone else and see her on the side

Don't bother with it then. The relationship is officially over.

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It's funny because it says a woman posted this and they refer to their girlfriend..

Why is that funny? Either it's a man who accidentally said they were a woman, or a lesbian. Does it really matter?

People, #8 is clearly 7 years old. Leave him be.

I was just about to ask if anyone noticed that.... I guess I wasn't the first! Good job ya'all!

Long distance relationships are lame. I've been in one. I got cheated on. Twice. They suck.

I'd like their #s please.

Kukopia, go die in a hole or play in a blender. I hate people like you.

Me too :/ never works out the way we want it to

You should be glad she asked.