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  Fluffydemise  |  18

Do you know how flys eat there food?

If its not already a liquid, they vomit an enzyme onto the food that dissolves it enough to be sucked up through the proboscis. They do this to shit as well as that microwave dinner on your plate. And yes, you can get sick due to common house flies in your food. Ew.

By  beautiful_hope  |  16

That's not so bad. I realized last week that, since I don't work & recently moved where I don't know anyone, I sometimes go all day without speaking unless I'm talking to my cats or dog, until my husband comes home. :)

By  Tdrizzzzzly  |  19

You gotta go out and try to meet some people!? I know it's hard to garner the confidence when your loneliness is hard to deal with, but your (soon-to-be) friends aren't gonna make themselves!