By Nikki - United States - Newark
  Today, my live-in-boyfriend lost his job. Jokingly, I told him that we weren't going to have sex until he found a new job. He then turned to me with the most excited look I have ever seen on his face and said "I am going to stay unemployed forever!" He was serious. FML
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what kind of kiddie logic is this? Just because guy doesn't want sex it means that girl deserves someone better and all the other qualities doesnt matter? maybe it's the other way around. Gawd u fml chipmunks always amaze me


25- Ok, being 14 I know next to nothing about sex and long term relationships, but I understand that sex is a part of it, obviously! I mean, If your partner is not attracted to you, what kind of relationship is that?

  whostolemylama  |  12

I'm sorry what..?

Just because someone refuses to have sex with you, they don't deserve you? With what logic did you use for that statement?

Seriously, kids these days. Mature up a bit.

A person can be attracted to their personality. Or somtimes, people are just plain bad at sex. You don't know. However sex is not needed as much to have a relationship.


25 Ok, being 14, I know next to nothing about sex and long term relationships. But obviously, sex is a big part of it! If your partner is not attracted to you, what kind of relationship is that?

  kyleekay  |  25

Am I the only one who thinks the boyfriend could've been joking as well? It's not unreasonable to assume that he knew OP was joking, and was just playing along. My husband and I go back and forth like that sometimes, too.

However I do agree if he was NOT kidding, then there needs to be a discussion about the relationship. Jumping straight to a break up is a bit irrational, though. If they care enough about each other to live together, then they should attempt to fix their problems instead of just giving up.

  AKGirlinSD  |  20

1, I believe there is way more to this FML than we are aware of (insert obvious "Duh!" here). My line of thinking is: maybe the boyfriend isn't happy in his relationship, therefore gets depressed, goes to work miserable and his work rapidly declines, so much that he is noticed and terminated. So when his girlfriend said there would be no sex, he was probably relieved because now it will be easier to talk about how he hasn't been happy with her for a while now. (I know this is a big assumption but I've seen this happen all the time. However, usually people lose their friends, not jobs.)

  Mario_lib  |  6

He just lost his job, he must be angry and depressed, imagine your girlfriend saying that to you when you tell her about it, don't worry op he will make love to you once he feels better about himself.

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

117- Good point! I never thought of the fact that he could've just said that because he was depressed and hurt, then the op says this joke that was probably badly timed, so the boyfriend jokes back with a bit of an intention to hurt the op's feelings back!

  fizz113  |  11

Like sex with.... lipstick? :)

On a serious note, it's completely out of order for a guy to say something like that.

He sounds like a complete douche.


I don't know; I always tend to find that it's somewhat acceptable for a woman to say this to a guy, but when the situation is reversed the guy is a douche? He was probably hoping for some sort of support due to his job loss, not the denial of sex and he might have been a bit annoyed about it- maybe he didn't know his girlfriend was joking. They don't need to split up, they need to talk.


No one can be THAT bad at sex that their boyfriend/girlfriend that they love absolutely hates it. Otherwise why in the hell are they with them? Bad sex = a failed relationship. Why would you wanna spend 50 years together if the action sucks?

  nabee26  |  15

6 A vagina that looks like Predator? Hmmmm you know a little too much about predator vaginas. Could it be that your vagina looks like a Predator? I mean that could be the only way you would know! Gross girl! You could probably save your money up and get a vaginal rejuvenation done-- and quick! Lol

  DocBastard  |  38

ChristineAnn58 - You seem very angry about something. Is this comment hitting a bit close to home? You DO realise that there is more to relationships than just sex, right?


31) One: Obviously, you're the type of person who will dump somebody in a hot second just because of sex. I personally know a woman who, after having 4 kids, cannot have sex without suffering immense pain. And yet, she and her husband are still together just because they love each other. They've been together for 40 years.

Two: Watch who you're calling an idiot/jackass, you hypocrite.

  Factor_fml  |  6

What kind of sickness is that? Does she suffer immense pain each time she becomes aroused? If so, it sounds horrible. If not, there's nothing stopping them from having sex without penetration.

  redmane  |  21

nabee26 - That's not a bad picture at all. Of course you may have your opinion but it is no where near unattractive compared to other girls 'making a weird face because it's cute' pics. It is cute. Stop harassing her.

And the mods swooped in just as I posted...

By  ChristineAnn58  |  8

I'd kick him out. If se with you is that horrible then your love connection isn't that strong. If the sex is bad it's proven the person will have less interest in you. You deserve better than an unemployed bum

  JFurr  |  9

It said he lost his job. For all we know, he could have had a job with a company that went out of business.

We also don't know the boyfriend. He could have picked up on her humor and made a joke right back.

There also has been relationships in history that haven't been all about sex and even some where sex was even present. Just because a guy doesn't want to have sex doesn't mean any bad. No one bats an eyelash when a girl loves a guy but doesn't want to have sex with him.

From what I've seen, a relationship that's just about sex usually means either one or both partners has some insecurity flaw.

With those four reasons, there's so reason for you comment or your replies on other peoples' comments.

  holly4nne  |  4

if a guy isn't sexuall attracted to you then that's definitely a bad sign in your relationship! and if he doesn't want it with you who knows if he's getting it somewhere else?

it may not be the biggest factor in a relationship but it definitely matters!