By Juggernaut Drive - 31/10/2018 05:00

Today, my little sister got into my anime DVDs, probably thinking they were cartoons. She watched High School DXD, which isn't the best anime for a 6-year-old. Now she wants to be the Breast Dragon Emperor for Halloween and Dad is threatening to set fire to my entire collection. FML
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Show your sister who Wendy Marvell is, and tell her about Dragon Slayers. She'll think it's way cooler, and the innocence of Wendy will put your dad's mind at ease. When that's sorted, maybe put the anime in a locked cabinet.

At least she doesn’t seem phased by it..? Hope your collection survives the fire OP!


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Anime moves worlds

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two words - Online Anime. you can usually get more for less online and its less easy to lose