By Anonymous - 25/04/2015 03:23 - United States

Today, my little sister filled the huge house I spent over a week building in Minecraft with TNT. She then demanded I give her all the money in my wallet, or she'd blow it all up. She's now $86.25 richer, and my parents think it's too hilarious to make her give me my money back. FML
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BlueXephos 10

1) Depending on how old she is, just take the money back. 2) If there isn't a big difference in age, take one of her dresses or shoes, and hide it till she gives the money back. 3) After completing step 1 or 2, enjoy your house :D

Was it really worth it to give all your money?


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do you even play minecraft? It updates automatically, so when you die you can't just start before you fell into lava.

I believe he's talking about console minecraft were you can save

and she would assumingly save after blowing the house up

Do you, #8?! Because any Minecraft enthusiast would know that it is possible to make a backup file of your previous save. So when a mistake does happen, you can reload to a previous save where everything is fine before any accidents.

Why the hell is this down voted? He's right. You can just revert to last save

Minecraft automatically saves when you hit escape or close the game. Unless you back up the save to a different location you can't revert.

If it was worth $86 to you, don't you think you should've backed up your save (if PC)? Seriously, if it's that important, prepare for shit like this. Why the fuck is a minecraft house you only spent a week building worth that much anyway?

sonasonic 34

He's absolutely right. Why is he downvoted? You can backup on both PC and console to a different location. What is so difficult about taking 3 minutes of your time to copy the save folder to a different area? Even if my entire house was wiped out in a hurricane, my saves would be safe. Its called a cloud. This is the 21st century man.

AkumaUchiha 19

Not on pe

I played minecraft before people decided to devote their lives to it apparently. When I played; when the creeper got your house, you just had to rebuild it. Sucks to suck.

Most people don't expect their loved ones who they trust to threaten them for money. That's probably why he didn't make a backup.

There's also a thing called "don't take video games this fucking seriously". I'm a gamer but if my sister would have done this to me I would have told her "go for it. Just know I'm faster and stronger than you and I'm the one blocking the door".

TallMist 32

There's also this thing called "I don't want all that time and effort getting this shit built to go down the drain."

You can copy the file and then put it back in the folder. It's not an automatic process, you have to manually edit the directories, but it works

I don't know about the PC version, but in the console versions, you can turn off auto save.

That's not how Minecraft works lol, you can't save whenever you want

Hey at least you've still got a huge house on mine craft! That's success!! :)

More like embarassing.

Was it really worth it to give all your money?

you've obviously never played MC. its like taking an artist's drawing and threatening to destroy it, they'll pay. sure its just a drawing or digital building in a game, but its the work and effort that matters.

He probably assumed it would only be a temporary measure to stop her right then and until their parents made the little extortionist give the money back. Sadly his parents think their daughter acting like a criminal is hilarious.

41: from an artist, a house in Minecraft is not on par to losing a piece of unfinished artwork digitally or ruining traditional art, you can't recreate a piece of art detail by detail like you can in a video game about blocks - if he was on a public server, it was bound to be griefed eventually anyway.

#56 if she was on his account he would be screwed. but if she joined a server where you can get banned by griefing he could've just let her tnt it if they could do an undo command like on the coreprotect plugin it would be fine

Was the house really worth it?

Theres other ways of going about getting rid of a pesky sister than letting her blackmail him. If his parents are so nonchalant about not getting his money back, then I guess he could just kick her off the game for good. doesn't sound like his parents are going to do anything about it one way or the other. threatening behavior begets threatening behavior.

poorjudgement 26

Could it be that between two bad things - game addiction and money-involving prank, parents decided which is worse? As (hopefully) former game addict (though not MC), I can tell you this - I hate pranks, but game addiction is horrible thing. I do feel for OP, but anyone ready to pay blackmail to protect game progress should pay it and pay it more, until they realize it is just a game and even if they wouldn't be able recreate the house exactly, they should not be wasting money on that.

just_a_thought 6

# 41 & 56 As an artist who has lost work in minecraft and on multiple drawings, I agree with this comparison. Both take a shitton of work, and I could never do 90% of the things the minecrafters do. Losing either would frustrate me to no end.

i play on factions a lot, so i could lose everything i own except for an ender chest at any moment, and it has happened, but life moves on, and theres always more resouces

Badkarma4u 17

How do you know the age of this kid to make it a smart action. If the kid is a teen its not smart its just mean.

#161: "Today, my little sister". Little Sister

Have to point out 'little' means nothing other than she is younger than op, and we don't even know op's age.

rdenkewicz 11

I have to ask. Who keeps a quarter in their wallet?

BlockOfRedStone 25

Was the house really worth $86? From what I recall the whole game itself is only like $20...

And don't forget a week of his time! Lol I defs wouldn't have paid ransom on a virtual house

I'm just surprised OP had $86. I'm weird& carry minimal cash and just use my credit card lol. If I were OP, I would've been like "Sure, you want all the cash in my wallet? Here's $7."

Haha, more like "Here's an expired coupon, 73 cents in change and a gum wrapper."

jdibartolo1 12

more like blow it up I'm not giving you the 600$ in my wallet

Twijn 2

I have $200 in my wallet right now....

#5 it's more like 30

the game is $26.95

deftones_fml 19

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yeah I wouldn't pay the ransom but id be pissed I wonder just how far she would make it because with every problem comes a solution. I don't play mind craft but if someone purposefully destroyed something I was working on there would would be a striking pain coming from their back

Thanks to some stellar parenting, it sounds like she's not just going far in life. She's going to end up going to jail.

If by going far I. Life you mean knowing how to blackmail people, then yes.

Xandrick 22

Yes, she's going far down the path of being a spoiled and manipulative bitch who will think it's okay to take whatever she pleases without consideration of others.

she could have blown it up after she got the money.

AnOriginalName 19

It's not about the money. It's about sending a message.

and she also could've gotten her ass beat but...

80 I think that's the biggest underrated line in the movie.

TallMist 32

#92 Underrated? You mean to tell me that the line I see about a hundred, at minimum, memes based around is underrated?

qdawg06 23

Smart kid.

Putting all that work just for a game? I axe you to go out and enjoy the fresh air for a change.

Ugh. I thought these people were weeded out. Smh

I understand people that pronounce ask as axe it's a dialect thing but why on earth would you type it? That word doesn't belong there sir.

"axe" a pun for minecraft. Im I wrong?

Sadly axe doesnt really define minecraft that well

TallMist 32

Putting effort into gaming =/= having no life and never going outside.

BlueXephos 10

1) Depending on how old she is, just take the money back. 2) If there isn't a big difference in age, take one of her dresses or shoes, and hide it till she gives the money back. 3) After completing step 1 or 2, enjoy your house :D

She would blow up his house after step 1 or step 2

@94, Maybe, but he can backup his save before she does this time.

Prom is coming up I bet she has a pretty dress. I bet shell give the money back

tossaway2321 5

OP should also back up his saves