By Anonymous - 28/12/2010 16:47 - Netherlands

Today, my little girl spoke her first word. It was ''Daddy''. Daddy left before she was born and she has never met him before. FML
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Most children will say Da-Da first. It isn't necessarily associated with Daddy. Sorry about the sperm donor, though.

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babies are stupid, she probably doesn't even know what that means. trust me I used to be a baby.


thats so sad... when she gets older she'll understand, she's just a baby. they can't really control what they say...

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naww don't worry bout it, shell say mommy before you know it. she probably doesn't know what she's talkin bout (:

most babies babble things like baba, mama, dada, etc. don't worry about it.

Da is easier to say than Ma/Mu, she probably picked it up off of TV or something. Nothing personal. However, sucks about her biological father.

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its cause he the child hates you, no one could love you get over yourself

You suck monkey nuts ass hole. :( Definitely not cool.

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I've heard that monkey nuts dipped in beer and batter actually tastes rather good.

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loser! get a life

have any of you heard of sarcasm? chill.

so this is where all the 'you totally deserved it' votes come from, damn trolls.

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That was incredibly rude!

This would be quite disturbing if it wasn't for the fact that daddy and mommy are called that due to that those are the two first "words" a kid says... YDI

That made no sense.

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ok as long as it wasn't just me

I think what 21 meant was that the terms mommy and daddy were put into use because children naturally utter mama and dada when learning how to speak, so the op should'nt take offense that daddy was said first.

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that's false the first word my friends baby said was lasagne while eating lasagne, so..... he knew what he was eating

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You probably don't realize it, but I bet when you're doing small things with your daughter you're saying "I wish your daddy was here to see this" "I bet your daddy would love it when you smile if he were here" "I wonder what your daddy is doing these days" Small things like that can make a very big impact on your little one. My money is on that.

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This is truly sad. I'm sorry OP.

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aww, maybe she's wondering where hers is?