By 1meme129 - 24/02/2016 14:12 - United States - Denver

Today, my little cousin told me about how he never wipes his ass, because if he doesn't he doesn't need to wash his hands. FML
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Solid logic, that. He's making great strides in the theory of hygiene.

No high-fives with him.


What a crappy thing to do

Stephencharis 14

oh myyyy! not when I am eating....

Hey @gentleman54 i guess you're new here. We avoid the "shitty" and "crappy" puns.

#35 No we don't. There is a few comments like that on every FML that has to do with shit. However, people do down vote the hell out of it. But it doesn't seem to matter. Those comments seem inevitable.

Or maybe his favourite colour is brown?

Bluedy 17


You didn't even try

Solid logic, that. He's making great strides in the theory of hygiene.

isnobodyhere 32

Oh goodness...

that's gross. how old is your cousin?

The fml does say "little cousin". Here's hoping he's under the age of 5 and doesn't know better

Needs a lesson in hygiene and sanitation..

Unfortunately, I've met lots of children who try to justify not washing hands so you arn't alone OP -_-

No high-fives with him.

Why not? His hands are clean. His ass however, well that's a different story.

Stories like these make me wonder why I'm in medical school at all. If everyone follows impeccable logic like this kid, I'll be outta patients in no time.

tantanpanda 26

You'll still get patients either way, from people with skin infections to people in the ER because of their fantastic logic.