By Anonymous - Canada
Today, my little cousin is going to be staying at our house for a year or so, because of financial problems. It wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the fact that every single night he creeps up on me while I'm sleeping, and shouts "GO F YOURSELF!" directly into my ear. Only another 11 months to go. FML
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  ScreamAimFire  |  0

Maan, antique him in his sleep. Follow him around the house with a airhorn, or damn just grow a pair and show him you're not to be screwed with. Like hide his favorite teddy bear or something until he fucks off :)

  WillyThaKid  |  0

Get a land mine, some razor wire, and some tear gas... If he makes it through all of that, you should really just go "F" yourself, maybe then he'll stop.

  brittanyrc  |  0

Everyone keeps assuming that op's cousin is a little kid... my cousin is 6 months older than me and calls me "little cousin." But if he is a little kid, just tell your parents?