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Today, my little brother told me to give him my phone so he could play a game on it. I said no, because I was taking a call from a friend at the time. He then walked over to the wall, headbutted it, burst into tears, then told my parents that I punched him. They believed him. FML
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What a brat. Maybe you should show him what a real punch feels like.

da_dork 9

Wow, I hate when parents never believe you when it involves a younger sibling in tears.


What a brat. Maybe you should show him what a real punch feels like.

Toasty283 8

Man it sounded he wasn't playing games...

No dont fight fire with fire Just deal with it and tell the little shit that's not right

Or since he has an Iphone, he could start getting videos of him acting like a brat, just incase OP gets blamed again. The video would be solid evidence if his innocence. I'm sure he can manage to predict when they'll happen.

My apologies, just realized OP is a girl.

Maybe she should just slam his head in the wall for him.

I'm a younger sibling and my parents never take my side. My sister is 2 years older than me and she always gets out of trouble by being funny. Whenever I get in trouble I can't get out of it so I just do something mean to my sister, like I spit in her room and on her one time, and that got me double grounded. A good word of advice is to video tape like #34 said.

SparklyCuntt 12

Wow 61, aren't you just a special little snowflake.

#61 Judging from all my thumbs down, apparently the majority of people on FML would rather beat him then get proof sadly. Also, being mean and spitting on your sister is a bit extreme. Just ignore her. :/

Spitting on them is the most vile thing you can do to a person short of killing, #61, if you were my daughter I'd take your sister's side too.

#74 its because of your grammar and spelling, it took me a while to get what u meant.

Besides getting the gender mixed up and saying IPhone, my comment was fine. Your comment however is riddled with errors.

br00kr 22

Lol my little bro and sis is like that too :3 except if I breathe on them they bawl their eyes out and I have to give them ten dollars. They purposely cry near me now. Parent also always believes them don't they?

da_dork 9

Wow, I hate when parents never believe you when it involves a younger sibling in tears.

"You're older so you should have handled it better." Fucking hell I relate to this post so much.

I'm the youngest of two, and maybe we're a rare case, but my brother and I have never had physical altercations. Our parents made sure we understood the consequences of hurting one another and usually made us work out our sibling squabbles without interference unless it was needed. I feel like a little mutual respect and compassion goes a long way.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Yeah, I'm 18 but my 11 year old sister antagonizes me still, even if I don't do anything to provoke her. Everyone tells me to ignore her, so I do, and then I get in trouble for pissing her off... ._.

I will never understand why parents think that little kids don't lie or manipulate. As children, my little cousin would randomly start crying just to get his way. At the age of 16, I can't say he's changed much.

my sister and I once got into a fist fight and I got into trouble . according to my parents it's completely acceptable for her to drag me out of bed by my hair because she "felt like it" and I should refrain myself from reacting because I should know better & I'm the oldest ... :| this was years ago .

a_lyrical_ass 3

I'm the youngest and my parents never noticed my tears. My brother seriously beat the $hit out of me constantly as a kid. Phone cords, punches, body slams (him wanting to wrestle), attempting to blind me with a laser pointer, and at least one attempt to smother me (me under blankets = helpless and he put pillow over my face). My brother is about 9+ years older than me. But OP, I feel for you. My brother would get me in trouble all the time (granted when I fought back), since it seemed like a role reversal on my parents' part. When he starts that he's going to be bratty, call out to your parents precisely what he's doing, if you don't want to get in trouble for a real punch. Or get crafty with a little camera or voice recorder each time he starts with you.

I never understood the whole "you know better, act your age" arguement from parents when siblings fight that are really close in age. My brother is only a year younger than me. If I know better, then shouldn't he as well? Apparently not because i was always the one getting yelled at and punished for things while he got off easy. Even if he was the one doing every thing, Just ignore it. You know better.

K410 18

Hey on the bright side all of us that knows what it feels like can learn this lesson when our future children pull this kind of crap ;D

CaitiieBuggs 23

My little brother used to do the same shenanigans all the time. Then one day he did it in front of my dad and my parents never believed him again. It was glorious.

Sorry to break it to you 65, but when this generation get kids we are likely to have forgotten how it was and probably take ones side at most times, maybe because we think we can trust them more or something. Though my parents have been pretty good in knowing who told the truth, it still happened that I(even though my poker face always sucked) was the one they believed over my bigger sister. But I still was the first one to blame when other things had happened. But we always got to tell our side of the stories before they did anything.

Well, if you're going to get the blame, might as well punch him for real now.

This comment is the only right comment on this fml. Call it justice!

The FILTHY earth child, you shall have your revenge. Soon... Verrry soon.

OMG, maybe she's a queen from another dimension and she's trapped here

Dallasluver19 14

Tell me about it. I have 3 younger sisters & 2 brothers..

Obey_StudBoii 23

Oh yeah? I have 3 older brother's and 1 younger sister. Growing up I was blamed for everything cause I'm the oldest out of the girls. Siblings, gotta love them.

Little siblings are the biggest douche bags in the world. Just do what I do, rub something they are mildly allergic to on their pillow. And if they aren't allergic to anything, just do what #1 said.

Or instead of causing an allergic reaction, you could just piss on their pillow, or in their bed, or on their clothes. However that only works if you have pets. If you have no pets, piss in a paper cup and carefully pour it into their face lotion or face wash, shampoo, conditioner, etc. then sit back and be satisfied every time they go to shower.

It's not really our fault we're the youngest. It's a rather harsh generalization.

@84, 9 times out of 10 it is true. My younger sibling is nearly a decade younger than I, and he is probably the biggest asshole I know due to the fact he knows how to get under my skin. However, I'm not saying older siblings are any better, but they are a different kind of evil. Although I bitch about how horrible my siblings are, in the end I know I love them to death. But that's probably because I don't have a sister. :D

Jesus Christ he is a spoiled little asshole.

-____- I hate that.

Ah, the joys of younger siblings.

Since you've already been blamed, I hope your parents have heard of double jeopardy.