By Carl - 16/10/2011 12:47 - United States

Today, my landlord compared me to his idiot son for not plunging a toilet. This is the same toilet he explicitly told me not to plunge last week, because of a possible leak into the basement. We have been peeing outside for a week waiting on him. FML
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Where have you been pooping?

In the litter box :O


Keep peeing outside then.

Or plunge the toilet....

Or use the landlord's toilet every time nature calls.

Pee on your landlord. :D

It's only because your in Kanas. Click your heals three times and everything will be fine.

Where do you do a number 2 then?

47 & 55. It's KANSAS.. Duh

57- If I may ask, how does your comment apply to 55?

63- 55 was correcting 47 trying to act smart but didn't realize a more obvious mistake....57 then pointed it out to 55 who isn't as smart he thinks he is

67- Thank you for clearing that up for me. I appreciate it =) Carry on..

Where have you been peeing? In the bushes?? Where do you do a poo???

Plunge the Bushes problem solved and your landlord will be happy

47 - learn to spell before trying to make a comment like that.

I agree. Keep peeing(:

And your poop?

Smart man...

I bet OP's willy will become chilly this winter.

~lovers wanna love, haters wanna hate, Idon'twantnoneoftheabove!... I wanna pee on youu!.... Drip drip drip! Pip pip pip! Turn your body!... Into a toilet potty!~

85, WTF are you smoking?

Something pretty strong...

agreeed with 102 something way too strong maybe?

Dave Chapelle refference..

That's a shitty situation

I have a fully loaded M4A1 carbine and i'm not afraid to use it....

(insert generic threat here)

Hummm I have a full load in my pants does it make a difference

Let's keep the toilet humour to a minimum guys. I'm feeling 'flushed' and these jokes are 'piss-weak'.

68- just shat up.

All these "shit" comments are pissing me off. Stop with that crap.

21- it says you are from California so, automatic weapons are illegal. Also you are 16 years old so you cannot possess a rifle until you turn 18.

#116, Clearly I was joking about owning a M4A1 in california and I was expressing my rage against "shitty situation" comments. Understand jokes, it's a recurring theme in fml comments, plus I post outrageous stuff. Last thing, I do own a M4A1 carbine, but it's in an armory in my uncles ranch in El Salvador. ;)

3 - That comment is on every FML I have read today. -_-

That freakin sucks! I can say that I think he's an idiot!

Where have you been pooping?

just plunge the toilet...the basement is his problem......he has to man up sooner or later....he can't be ignorant forever

Should have peed in his toilet.

I would be aiming my piss at his car.

You should piss on him.

darn, I was going to say that. haaha

tell him to piss off

Haha, I get it

Block his toiletts and steal his plungers.