By Carl - United States
Today, my landlord compared me to his idiot son for not plunging a toilet. This is the same toilet he explicitly told me not to plunge last week, because of a possible leak into the basement. We have been peeing outside for a week waiting on him. FML
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  SeaMen  |  3

63- 55 was correcting 47 trying to act smart but didn't realize a more obvious mistake....57 then pointed it out to 55 who isn't as smart he thinks he is

  btnhdude  |  0

~lovers wanna love, haters wanna hate,
Idon'twantnoneoftheabove!... I wanna pee on youu!.... Drip drip drip! Pip pip pip!
Turn your body!... Into a toilet potty!~

  THE_A_TEEN  |  27

#116, Clearly I was joking about owning a M4A1 in california and I was expressing my rage against "shitty situation" comments.

Understand jokes, it's a recurring theme in fml comments, plus I post outrageous stuff. Last thing, I do own a M4A1 carbine, but it's in an armory in my uncles ranch in El Salvador. ;)