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  Peachy2392  |  26

My hamster is suicidal. He climbs to the top of his cage and falls backwards. He also tries to roll down to help stairs while he's in his little ball. He also approached my sleeping cat and bit her tail. He spends more time in his cage now since I'm scared of letting him out even if I'm right there with him.

  Rainbow35  |  6

12: But "kitten" basically means "baby cat", and "cat" implies "adult cat", so that's why there's a distinction between the two. It's a kitten until it stops growing, at which point it's an adult cat. In the same way as humans are children until they become adults. Technically it's still all the same species, but distinctions are still made based on age/growth.

By  Bekll  |  30

I have two kittens myself and know too well the feeling. When they get too curious like this we leave them in a certain room for a while so we can close the oven, dishwasher, put food away, etc. until it's safe for them to roam around again.

By  Myo_fml  |  20

It sounds like your cat may also be bored in your home. If you have space and money, maybe you could get one of those gymnasium style toys for it to climb on and inspect.