By AnonCat - 21/01/2013 01:47 - Canada - Vegreville

Today, my kitten tried jumping into a hot oven, a dryer, a dishwasher, a toilet, and a fish-tank. Curiosity is going to kill my cat. FML
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It still has 4 more lives left. No worries.

Live fast, die young. At this rate, curiosity will kill the kitten long before it becomes a cat.


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If only my code included people with a horrible sense of humor

I'm on it, *gives you garbage bags*. He killed me with his humor..

This is terrible...a teenage girl laughing at this..

#1 Please have this plastic bag and kill yourself with it.

This pussy is not a pussy.

It still has 4 more lives left. No worries.

Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back.

5 and 29 I was heckled by a 41 year old dude who actually thinks he is a fictional tv character and a chick with a CAT as a profile pick. I'm good with that

^ You replied to the wrong comment.


It's lucky cats have nine lives then.

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not to worry.. The kitten still got nine lives. :3

I don't even understand what you just said Perdix.

15 - The kitty would have four lives left, not nine.

As in it ate a hamster that was suicidal. At least that is my interpretation...

It's was a reference to an earlier FML if you hadn't noticed by now

My hamster is suicidal. He climbs to the top of his cage and falls backwards. He also tries to roll down to help stairs while he's in his little ball. He also approached my sleeping cat and bit her tail. He spends more time in his cage now since I'm scared of letting him out even if I'm right there with him.

Kittens are so adorable. This one, possibly suicidal too.

Kitty deathwish

What did the mars rover ever do to your cat?!

I was just about to say that. Lol

The Mars rover is called Curiosity.

Don't you lot read the news?

Live fast, die young. At this rate, curiosity will kill the kitten long before it becomes a cat.

It's always a cat. At no point is a kitten not a cat.

Nice breeze today, no?

Yup. Just like abortion kills the fetus before it becomes a baby, right? Wrong, it's a baby all along.

No it's closer to something killing a kid before it becomes a human

12: But "kitten" basically means "baby cat", and "cat" implies "adult cat", so that's why there's a distinction between the two. It's a kitten until it stops growing, at which point it's an adult cat. In the same way as humans are children until they become adults. Technically it's still all the same species, but distinctions are still made based on age/growth.

I have two kittens myself and know too well the feeling. When they get too curious like this we leave them in a certain room for a while so we can close the oven, dishwasher, put food away, etc. until it's safe for them to roam around again.

this is a very good idea....or maybe give them a box, kittens (at least mine) seems to like boxes and baskets

My kitten likes to climb in the fridge when we open it :|

It sounds like your cat may also be bored in your home. If you have space and money, maybe you could get one of those gymnasium style toys for it to climb on and inspect.

In the meantime, improvise: cardboard boxes, paper (not plastic) grocery bags, etc. (Oh, and before bed, check the refrigerator. Mine got in there.)