By DoubledTrouble - 21/07/2016 11:58 - United States - Washington

Today, my kids overheard me talking about cleaning the fuel system in our RV before we go to Disney World. They were so eager to get there, they decided they'd clean the fuel system themselves while I was at work, namely by pouring Tide into the gas tank. FML
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"And now, because we have to pay $XXXX to fix the RV, we can't afford to go to Disney World."

And now you're going to tell them that you'll "always love them even when they mess up, that this is something an adult should be the one to do, and that you never want them touching the RV again, 'kay".


Take them to Legoland instead, that'll show them!

take them to the dentist instead.

Legoland is the shit

@30 I think that's the point

"The shit" is a current term for the best or cool.

And now you're going to tell them that you'll "always love them even when they mess up, that this is something an adult should be the one to do, and that you never want them touching the RV again, 'kay".

...Are you gonna ground them?

They were trying to be nice. Just because they messed up doesn't mean they deserve to be punished.

They should be. If they are old enough to have tide placed within their reach then they should be old enough to know not to make stupid decisions. It's called discipline, and they should learn it.

It doesn't matter if they had good intentions, they did something bad and should have consequences in accordance to how bad that thing was.

Yeah this is a friendly lecture of "I appreciate the thought, but you guys made an honest mistake. We may no longer be able to afford Disney land" :'( kind of situation. I really couldn't be mad at my own kids for such a thing.

I think probably not going to Disney land is their punishment. Sometimes you fuck up even with good intentions. that's how life lessons are learned.

I knew not to mess with gas tanks when I was like 5. That's not a mistake, that's being stupid.

And there are grown men who have no clue how to check the oil in their car. Age isn't a factor, it's about skill and exposure. I don't think the kid should be punished for trying to help. When I was 4, I wanted to make my brother happy so I took his favorite things and combined them. Kool Aid, Spyro the dragon and Playstation Ones don't mix well. He was pretty upset but I had no clue it would mess up the system I was upset that I ruined his things and made him mad. They've probably helped with the laundry before and thought using a cleaning supply would clean it out. They must have really loved that they were going to disney and wanted to make their dad happy by doing a task for him.

Honestly, is anyone old enough to know not to make stupid decisions? I bet you've made a stupid decision recently. I'm 20 and I have. My dad is 53 and has definitely made a very stupid decision recently, one that had negative consequences. I don't think we ever outgrow stupid decisions, we just make different ones at different points in our lives. Sometimes it's pouring tide into a gas tank. Sometimes it's dating the wrong person. Sometimes it's buying something you really can't afford, or making a hasty decision you later regret. Regardless of what stage we're at, we're all human and we're all still learning. If we lived in a world where none of our mistakes could be forgiven, it would be a very grim outlook for most of us.

Wow. Well at least they tried to help

"Gets the tough stains out!"

"And now, because we have to pay $XXXX to fix the RV, we can't afford to go to Disney World."

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I know that's justified, but in their young excited minds they were probably just doing anything they could think of to help

It depends on the kids' ages, really. If the oldest is older than about 12 they should know better and should be able to keep the younger ones from doing such a thing. But if they're more like 7-8 or younger, then I could see it happening. But now I'm wondering, if the kids are young enough to think putting Tide in a gas tank is okay, where was the person responsible for them?

Eh, kids can get into all kinds of trouble just in the time it takes to drop a deuce. If they knew where to find the gas cap and tide, I could see them being done with the deed in under 5 minutes.

I think you're severely overestimating the intelligence of 12 year olds. We're talking 5th grade here. That's like, long division age.

deathstroke990 22

you're 12 in 7th grade tf

You are severely overestimating the intelligence of 7th graders :P

nesteremily 31

With the cost of fixing that it looks like they won't get to go after all

I hope no one started the engine. If they didn't, the problem is not too major. The fuel tank would need to be removed to get cleaned and any lines and pipe that connects to the gas tank where the fuel goes in when filling up. But if they ran the engine, then it is a FML moment for OP.

I would say it would be more like a YDI if OP left the keys out so that his presumably young children could start the engine.

nesteremily 31

He didn't say "if the kids start it" he meant if ANYONE, including OP, had started it. Unfortunately it's a great possibility that they did start because otherwise I doubt they would have known unless the kids spilled it all over the side of the RV.

#17 I think there is a good chance they caught it in time, either by the proud kids telling them, or by the empty bottle lying around.

$19 exactly. I can just see the little devils running out screaming to Daddy how they cleaned the tank so he doesn't have to, and now they can go to Disneyworld sooner, and isn't that GREAT?!?

nesteremily 31

Hopefully that's the case lol. I was thinking they might have told them but who knows. Hoping OP gives an update

Better start walking.

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Well guess who doesn't get a Disney trip now