By FoundMyLighter - United States
Today, my jeep wouldn't start so I opened the hood. I slammed my fingers in my jeep's hood. It latched shut. My hood release was inside the cab, and the jeep was in neutral and on an incline. It started to roll... with a ditch about 5 yards away. I had to skin my own fingers to get them out. FML
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By  wearinsexypants  |  0

wow you're dumb. Its just good policy to never get out of your car unless you put the parking brake on and/or put the car in park. and it's really not that hard to avoid slamming your fingers.

By  kingkash  |  0

stop trollings it's fake...

because it would have already been moving before u opened the hood If you didn't but the brake on...

FFS I know 95% of fml's are fake but now they're just getting stupid

  lyssalicious  |  0

couldn't it be possible that the force of the hood slamming shut, and the struggle to get free, caused the jeep to start rolling???
doubt it, but im just saying... i know people who have put their cars in neutral and they stay still for a few minutes and then start to roll. happened to my stepmom lol.

  TheTruth1428  |  0

very unlikely. I agree, this is pathetically fake. The OP says it wouldn't start, which means it was on that hill for however long before that. Once OP got into the jeep if it was going to it would have started sliding backwards from him being there. A hood slamming doesn't have near the weight of the OP.

Fake FML, nothing to see here.

  dannymaxx  |  0

This is so fake one why would you put your car in neutral to start it? And you have to so dumb that your couldent get your licences to slam your finger in the hood! And the only the hood could latch shut is if it closes al the way whice would inevitably mean that you fingers would be mashed(or cut) completley off. So no one believe this load of bull.

  aero_fml  |  0

Yeah this is stupid. If you're driving a stick then you know to pull the hand brake before you get out, and if it's an auto there's just no reason for it to be in neutral. And why is the FML focused on OP skinning his fingers when there's a Jeep that's rolling down an incline into a ditch? I think that's just a LITTLE more important than a bit of skin.


Neutral, to start it.
Brake off because in most cases people are frustrated in these terns if events they forget the brakes and begin trying to solve the issue.
Fingers can get shut in a hood just like that can get shut into giving doors. Metal flexes like any other material.
The rolling probably started, not after the hood slammed shut, but after the struggle to get the fingers out. You take a hood to your hands and see if you can sit still knowing your stuck.
And lastly, you stop trollin' you hypocritical bastard. For all we know this could be true. Have you ever experienced this pain before? No I doubt it. Before you go off throwing a story on something you THINK is common sense maybe you should fight yourself on and argument to see flaws. You are a dirty filthy troll with no life just looking for ways to hate on other people because you can't seem to find anything else better to do. Good day asshole.

  toyota4life94  |  6

Well, knowing Chryslers (who makes jeep & dodge) constant transmission problems, the transmission could have given and the jeep start rolling. So it is very possible.

  jesustitts  |  20

Not only that but his emergency brake which would be a foot brake right next to his clutch, on the left near the door, might be warn down depending on the age of the vehicle. Mine sure is. Not to mention that sometimes I forget it's on and drive with it for about 10 minutes.

  skatagurl  |  0

goddamme youre an idiot. unless you are from a low class slum with horrible resources and type with your tongue on a computer you stole, you have fingers too. you might not realize because they're probably being used right now to masturbate.

By  wearinsexypants  |  0

wow you're dumb. Its just good policy to never get out of your car unless you put the parking brake on and/or put the car in park. and it's really not that hard to avoid slamming your fingers.

  bheaze  |  20

While it's not that hard to avoid slamming your hands in a car hood, accidents don't just happen to dumb people and even the most intelligent people make mistakes. I think it's a little harsh to assume he's an idiot because he had a mistake. You can't honestly claim you've never done something stupid before, even if it was intentional..

  Kukua  |  5

It's spelled genius - how ironic that you spelled this wrong while attempting to call the OP stupid.

Also, as the rest of us figured out the first time we ever saw this website, all FYL posts start with "Today" and end with "FML". These are the rules - it obviously does not mean it actually happened today.


By  Badgermx  |  0

oh come on, even if you were stupid enough to leave it on neutral on a hill and without the hand brake it would've start moving as soon as you let go of the brake.. this is fake..... or very very very stupid with a bit of magic...

  save_me_08  |  0

Well the guy is in Alaska...assuming this happened recently, there was most likely snow on the ground which could have initially prevented the Jeep from rolling down the hill. I remember on a sports trip in Alaska one of the coaches managed to get the team van stuck on a it can happen.