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  niallo  |  23

Not only was it uncalled for, it's very dangerous. It can kill if done hard enough. OP, I don't care if he's family. Avoid him. And when he wonders why you're not around, don't accept "it was only a joke" as an excuse.

By  jrock9093  |  18

Well I guess you should of laughed harder jk I'm a war veteran and PTSD can make people act so different and wrong I apologize for what happens to you and if he was drinking I'd stay away if he was and that's the case good luck to you and him

  s13495  |  19

I dont think the fact that OPs great uncle was a war vet or whether or not he had PTSD made a difference here... he just sounds like he was being a dick.

  jondivey  |  9

#27 everyone is a nazi on fml, that or they wanna play doctor Phil. i just assumed this was a place to get a laugh from listening to something shittt happening to another person.

By  Wizardo  |  33

Seriously give him a taste of his own medicine, no reason for inane violence like that. I recommend a tubular steel object of some sort, asshole.

  gc327072  |  29

21- it wasn't sarcasm, you're just trying to deploy some flares.

It's fine to be wrong sometimes, but just own up to it and ye shall be forgiven.

By  pistachiopanda  |  19

I think people are being too hard on the guy. I mean, I punch people in the throat all the time- particularly when they say "Good Morning" all cheery before I've had my coffee. Keeps 'em in check.