By Halle - 01/11/2011 07:41 - United States

Today, my immature step-father rubbed my head destroying the $300 hairdo that took two and a half hours to finish. Three minutes before my wedding ceremony. FML
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Beat him with a stick.

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Marry some one on Halloween?

Throw a pineapple at his kneecaps! Or a brick at his elbows!

Or a TV at his foot.

24 - Stop being so ridiculous

Put a stampede of angry wild elephants in the room he's in.

Actually elephants might be to hard/expensive to get, try lions instead.

Rub his hair! ......With an industrial sized meat grinder......

Okay EP, lions are probably not cheap either... I'm thinking, rabid crazed deer? Maybe evil vampire bunnies.

But going back to the elephants one, I like that... It's simple, unrefined. Damn it, I'm a genius... Heres the plan... Drug him at night after the reception, probably just put something in his drink, he'll probably be the drunk douche bag anyway who's like wooo open bar fuck yeah!! Now, while he's passed out, we take a helicopter and attach cables to the room he's in. We then fly him over to Africa, where we ask the lovely native folks where the closest stampede of elephants is. We then drop his room, and prepare for awesomeness. This will be his worst hangover...... EVER.

Shave his head.

61 - I'm picturing you typing that out.

Evil vampire bunnies remind me of Monty Python's- Quest for the Holy Grail.

Today, I witnessed a venomous spider fighting a raccoon on my step-daughter's hair, being the good parent I am I gently brushed them of, now I have a black eye and got kicked out of the wedding I payed for. FML Just kidding OP he IS a douche, you should get yor new husband to beat the crap out of him with a tire iron

You must be really addicted/committed to fml to post this 3 minutes before your wedding ceremony

ErikaHart, you must be nearly illiterate if that's how you interpreted this. He mussed her hair 3 minutes before the ceremony. Nowhere is it implied that she was posting it three minutes before the wedding.

61, I'll thumb you up just because you took the effort to write all that out.

Well, I kinda have to assume you've known him for long enough to realize he might do something like this, so YDI for inviting him along.

She deserved it for spending 300 dollars on a hairdo

you spent $300 on a hairdo?

"Because mom made me... Can't say no to mom!"

#5 genius, fix the wedding hairdo after the wedding to make it better for the wedding.

61 you forgot the BWAHAHAHAHA!

141 He's getting married so the person he is marrying invited his/her

You know what i think? I was waiting for some guy to say "you spent $300 ona hair doo?" or "2and a half hours?really?" then i saw it at the bottom... You know what i think is funny? I cant wait till my wedding day because if you ever see how much and how lond of hair i have you'll understand why it takes almost 4 hours just to straighten my hair. If that douchebag messed up my hair you'd see me with a rolling pin, red eyes staring straight at him chasing him in heels down the freeway... And youd bet he wont mess my hair up again...

Noooope im pretty sure beatin him with a stick is the only solution here

61. Are you drunk?

Nope, just high as fuck on life.

Dear 61, i will never mess with you. Im dearly afraid to. Love the nice girl who never has done any harm.

Give him this kids hat

Give him this kids hat (63)

219- it says OPs step-father did it, not her father in law.

#61- Hmm, I'm pretty sure that if you asked the "native folks" in Africa where the nearest herd of elephants is, you'd get the crap beaten out of you for asking such a retarded question. Based on experience (I fucking live in Africa), I would be inclined to say that most of us do not have herds of elephants roaming around near where we live/congregate. Also, I hope you are aware that Africa consists of more than 50 different countries. Do you know that Egypt is in Africa? Are you going to go to a group of Egyptians and ask them where the nearest herd of elephants is? Yeah...No. Seriously, I'm not easily angered, but seeing people circulate a stereotype about hundreds of millions of people is one of those things that tends to annoy people. My point is, your comment was in fairly bad taste, sort of like making a comment about dropping a piece of chicken into a crowd of hungry black people, or throwing money at a group of Indians/Jews/other group of people who are wrongly considered to be greedy. Yeah... I got a little carried away there, but I hope that anyone else who reads this can filter out the rant-y parts and understand what I'm trying to say.

107 ur retarded

Yeah I understand what you're saying. I also can see that you have no sense of humor. Congrats, sucks to be you. And yeah, I used to live in Africa as well! My parents did medical missions in Uganda. Don't you feel like hot shit, thinking you're special because you happen to be from Africa? I lived there for 8 years. I know about the continent dumbass.

Yep same thing happens where I am. I was born in England Moved to Australia ( parents desicion) and they think that I'm a freak that studies English people just because I lost my accent. Your comment was just.

I like how you ignored the parts of my comment that you didn't want to read. I happen to have a perfectly good sense of humour, but massive amounts of people actually believe that the whole of Africa is a massive jungle. Incidentally, I don't feel special because I live in Africa, I am just annoyed by stereotypes against African people, because I live in Africa. If you've lived in Uganda, that's good for you. As I mentioned before, there are over 50 different countries in Africa, and you lived in one part of one of them for a short space of time. If the area you lived in was actually the kind of place where there were elephants roaming around, then you should have spoken about the natives of that particular area, or at very least, that country, as opposed to the entire continent. I'm sure you wouldn't be too happy if a lot of people outside the US thought that you were all members of the KKK, for example, and started making jokes about that, just because there are people in the US who are a part of it.

your an idiot

61 looks like you guys have experience !!

DocBasterd I've seen your comments on other posts and I must say I think I'm in love.

It's a wedding dumbass

YDI for spending 300. Colour, cut, styled. Even add stripped in there and it should be no more than $200. You got ripped hun.

She never said exactly what kind of hairdo she had though - maybe it was something way fancy.

Most of the time the stylist will do your hair two times for the price. Once for bridal pictures and once at the wedding.

I don't know how anyone could vote that she deserved it, it was her wedding day :(

Because she DOES deserve it.

109 just because you are an insensitive jerk doesn't mean that she deserved it. A lot of girls dream about their wedding day their entire life and doing ANYTHING to ruin it is just a d-bag move. If she wanted to spend $300 on her hair, good for her, it's her day.

$300 for a haircut? Wow. Marriage is pointless IMO. It would be a lot more efficient to save all that money and spend it on actual things you'll need. To me it's just a big trust issue. Idk I just think marriage pointless and a waste of money.

175- uh good for you? Can't say I understand your reasoning. Or lack thereof, rather.

I'm just saying a couple should save all that money instead of having a wedding.

That's just mean. Get him back somehow?

Rub his head with one pissed off, merciless and sharp clawed cat.

I agree it was shitty of him but $300 and 2 1/2 hours? is it some kind of elaborate Marie antionette style? it sounds like it would be overdone anyway.

$300 is way too much for a haircut; her husband will find her beautiful regardless. If anything, she should thank her dad for teaching her an important lesson in money management and possibly nihilism.

My hair isn't that far past my shoulders, but it's thick and curly. It takes almost 3 hours just to straighten well. I also need roughly 3 hours at the hairdresser. Couple of hours to straighten my hair, then an hour to cut my hair...because you can't really cut it while it's curly. This can cost me up to $60 without any styling. Debutante, wedding and any other formal hairstyles where extra accessories are placed in the hair can add to the cost dramatically. Also, if the hair is dyed...then voila, extra dollars.

Rub his hair...WITH FIRE!

3 and a halff??!

No, two and a half.


This made me think of "hide yo kids, hide yo wife, hide yo kids, hide yo wife, and hide yo dinosaurs cause they rapin errybody out here...)

I don't think the song involves dinosaurs... We gonna find you!

While he's walking with you down the aisle, pull his pants down and see HOW he likes it.

Generally, the stepdad doesn't walk the bride down the aisle.

If the biological dad isn't present, then he might.

Maybe her real dad died and her mom got remarried

Whoops. Then I'll guess we'll just go with the 'putting Nair in the shampoo' idea huh? Pay back hair with no hair ;)

I believe you put the emphasis on the wrong word....

When the wedding ceremony is over, kick his ass.

Forget that, kick his ass now!

Family: you help them out, they fuck you over. In the end you still love em', maybe, possibly, not really.

Force the dude pay you back... Maybe violently. Just get your money back!

It is not her uncle you fucking idiot. It clearly says my immature STEP-FATHER. I am pretty sure that Step-father does not mean uncle.

23, Nobody said anything about suing or getting a court involved. Now get off your damn soap box before you break an ankle.

Are you serious 23? There is no way you can be so fucking stupid. 1st, it's step father not uncle. 2nd, who the fuck mentioned anything about a lawsuit in this thread? Unless you are commenting on the wrong thing then you must be fucking simple.

He's just saying there is no need to get it violently... The guy is family... 23, I agree with you

Step-Father, Uncle, who gives a shit? As long as people know what he's talking about, does it matter

Yeah he's family...and he's a douche. Ever heard of the word "estranged?" I'm sure it's less about the money and more that he ruined her WEDDING day. He deserves a punch in the face, at least. What an asshole.

Woo hoo : voice by Michael Jackson

Step father is definitely your nonrelated parent due to divorce, where would you get uncle from? Genius.

YDI, who spends $300 on a haircut for 1 day? Yea the day is supposed to be special but so is spending the rest of your lives together, life goes on after that 1 day, life is not ruined.

Sounds like it was part of his evil plan.