By bookworm94 - 27/07/2009 04:10 - United States

Today, my immature dad said I am a girl not a woman, so my witty response was ''I have a period, I'm pretty sure that makes me a woman.'' My dad stole my phone and sent a text to everyone in my address book, quoting me. Including the guy I like. FML
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*wonders how old OP is*

SirAwesome 0

Why the "including the guy I like" part? I mean, how is it bad that he knows you're a woman?


*wonders how old OP is*

Probably young enough that she still lives in her parent's nest, and has them pay for her cell phone.

littlebopeep10 0

Her screenname implies that she was born in 1994. She's probably either 14 or 15. Really, OP, even if you think your dad is wrong, don't smart off to him. It's just not the best idea. His reaction wasn't really great, but it's not the worst thing that could happen. People will forget about it eventually. Or they just won't care about it in the first place. It's not like they don't know....

actually, she'd be either 15 or 16.

erm, check your post date vs the one above you

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steal his phone and falsely quote him on something that could be very embarrassing for him... Like idk..... any ideas fellow FMLovers?.. haha

your siding with the wrong person...... The dad is just trying to deal with the immature bitch he has for a daughter.

How about how much he loves coprophilia? Today, my 15 year old daughter stole my cell phone and sent a massive forward to everyone in my adress book saying how much I love coprophilia and that I got a boner watching 2girls1cup. The reason? Last week she called me immature so I sent a forward to everyone in which I made fun that she got her period. FML This is followed by many massive YDI votes.

Today, My 14 year old daughter is upset she isn't treated like an adult and has a filthy sense of entitlement, FML

op= "bookworm94" Not sure, but probably means date of birth is 1994...which would place you at age 15. I agree, you're probably a hell of a lot more mature than your dad (which must be horrifying, honestly) but he is correct. Nine year olds can get their periods...and they are still children, regardless. You'll be a woman at 18...or 21, depending on your perspective.

More accurately, you'll be a woman when you act like one. I have met very young women and very old children. Managing to not get killed for 18 years doesn't make you an adult.

nerdfighter4life 0

Agreed for now she is a "young woman" but from how I see it, her dad is an "old child".

I dunno, they both seem like children to me. The OP has some childlike ideas about maturity, and the father acts like a child. And I'm totally mature for passing judgement by the way. :-D

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not true #4 in my username, it ends in 8421 so was i born in 8421? am i 1688 years old? nope. not at all. in numerous cases the numbers in a username are just random numbers when the username has already been taken by someone else

If she was born in 1994... Let's do the math correctly now. I was born in 1991 and am 20 years old. She's 3 years younger than me... Anyone?

p00p1D14P3R 5

This FML was also originally written in 2009, dumbass.

You're an adult at 16 in Scotland. But yup, I was 10 when I got my periods and I was still a child, just because I had periods and breasts early did not make me a woman.

Actually, if she was born in 1994 that would make her 21 not 16 because if you do the math 2015 minus 1994 is 21 so she would be 21 years of age if she was in fact born in 1994

#271 Did you read the comments above you? This FML is from 2009, so it's outdated and we need to consider the age of the OP at the time this FML was created. 2009 -1994 = 15, maybe 16 depending on her birthday.

#146. actually you'd be from the future, cos the year 8421 doesn't exist yet. *rolls eyes*

SirAwesome 0

Why the "including the guy I like" part? I mean, how is it bad that he knows you're a woman?

cupidstunt 0

Her dad probably texted him saying she 'has a period' which is why it's bad.

"Hey you know what? I have my periods and am a woman now!" That would be a very awkward message, to anyone. But sending it to one which she likes would make her expected relationship less likely to happen with him.

i don't know. i mean i talk to my guy friends about my period all the time. they don't seem to care or anything. if anything, they're curious about tampons and cramps.

sparxva 12

Yeah, right. They're just trying to suck up to you. Men aren't into talking about your period or cramps.

Less likely to happen because... she has a period? WTF.

Less likey to happen because, in his mind, "she" had to broadcast it. He's unaware her dad sent that, so for "her" to randomly say, "I'm a woman because I get periods," may not exactly be a turn on.

Your dad is awesome. Not immature.

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I'm pretty sure you're still young, so you probably aren't a 'woman' yet. And just because you have your period doesn't make you a woman...Females can get their period from 9 to 13 or 14. So if a 9 year old has her period, does that make her a woman? You're probably just some teenage girl who wants to grow up too fast.

ahaha! The dumbest shxt I ever heard. I bet ur 15 or something. Child... Having a cycle deff doesn't make you a woman.

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Having your period doesn't make you a woman, there is no physical thing that truly makes someone an adult it takes lots of things, so you didn't deserve that in any way but your "witty" response was slightly egotistical

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i'd rather be a girl than a woman.

me too, i mean who would rather be older? esp women who are more sensitive about their age. if the OP is 15 [based on #4] she is soo not a woman but just a teenager trying to act mature. in that case she's as immature as her father. lol!

Most people only want to be PHYSICALLY younger. But if you have to give up your ability to vote, to drive, to make your own decisions, your maturity, everything you've learned... do you REALLY want to be a kid again? I wouldn't give up adulthood for all the tea in China.

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I'd *never* want to be a child (especially a teenager) again. I'm quite happy being an adult.

Yeah, if I could stay as physically old as I am now while still mentally growing, that'd be great. I wouldn't go back if I had the choice.

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