By hamburger - 06/07/2013 21:21 - United States - Adrian

Today, my husband wanted to try anal for the first time. His attempt to sound romantic was him saying, "Open your buns, the meat is ready." FML
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The_Water_Ninja 9

sounds charming...

Sounds like we know what's cooking for dinner!


The_Water_Ninja 9

sounds charming...

pfft watch how romantic it is when morgan freeman says it

then000bster 16

@23, I can't imagine Morgan Freeman saying it in a sexy voice. It always comes out smooth like dinner talk, not dirty sexfood.

fieldhockeygal97 18

At least he didn't say: bite the pillow, I'm going in dry

Why does OP assume he was trying to sound romantic?

Ya.... I believe a guy would try to make a joke there

Well, can't blame a guy for trying... He's just trying to combine a guys two FAVOURITE things, sex and food. Did it work? Naaah....

I don't think the husband was trying to do that..

Sounds like we know what's cooking for dinner!

nnnope 26

your profile picture is perfect

Your husband is quite the romantic.

This is when you kindly remind him that you're having sex, not cooking :p.

What an ass. Ba dum tiss.

klovemachine 24


asnakelovinbabe 16


Then again.....

I read "ba dum tiss" as "da bum tiss" :|

What a shitty situation

Pwn17 25


1st of all this doesn't apply to this situation. Secondly NEVER COMMENT THIS AGAIN OR WE WILL HUNT YOU DOWN 3rd learn the Internet rules then come back to this site for an unofficial copy just read stuff on 4chan for a week

This is honestly the shittiest thread ever on FML. People using all caps and stuff.

Yeah, and don't forget about people jumping on the bandwagon too.

TrueTriage: You should calm your tits lol. It's was a pun.

Wait why is #14 so mad. Lol like calm down. Maybe you need some anal to calm you donw

mimiminx 23

Can anal be romantic then?!

I guess it depends on what you find romantic.

I guess if you think having something hard shoved up your butt romantic, then it is. Personally, I don't think that sounds very romantic at all!

Why can't it be? If it's done nice and gently, with lots of hugs and kisses... sounds fairly romantic to me.

Why can't it be? If it's between two consenting adults you could make anything romantic.

54 - Even scatting?

graceinsheepwear 33

shoo-doo-shoo-bee-ooo-bee. See how romantic scatting can be?

Of course it can! @35 "Shy-ann" I dont think anyone cares what you think. If you can't handle that anal is simply another method of sexual intimacy and can of course be intensely romantic, then you have obviously not been in a sexual relationship. Its ok to be a virgin, but dont comment about a topic that you obviously have no experience in, ok sweetie :)

Well that's really suave and smooth talking...

Aaaaaaaand there went the mood ._. Lol