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  Lolerskatez  |  0

"This is my wife patty she is my muse my flame, while her smile brings people to the room her vagina clears it and makes the room uninhabitable for days, this is why I invented vagisil"

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

I'm wondering the same thing.

Clearly the context makes the difference here. If OP said something like "Let me take a shower before we have sex" and that was his response, he's not suave but he's not an arse either.

In pretty much any other situation, it is an odd comment to make but the poor sot seems like he tried (and failed) to be complimentary. If you don't feel you're lucky, then tell him so. But don't let the sting of the message take away the meaning.

  DjeePee  |  24

Complimentary? I don't know, but 'your vagina stinks' doesn't seem much of a compliment to me..

I also wonder where all the comments about the rudeness of the husband are. Almost everybody here thinks for sure that OP doesn't have hygiene, but the husband could also be a dick. My boyfriend said the same thing to me, I guess a year ago, whilst I washed that thing twice (!) a day. There was absolutely nothing wrong with my personal parts, he just concentrated himself on the smell, and yes, normal vagina's and penisses doesn't smell like flowers on a sunny sunday morning. Now, a year later, he has forced himself to be a little bit mature and learn how to deal with the typical smell, and guess what? I reduced the washing to once a day, and he has stopped complaining.

So, OP's husband is a dick. A cruel one.

  maronofhearts  |  19

washing isnt the only thing that affects smell as a small few have noted that your diet is a huge contributor, you are what you eat so while you may wash twice a day that smell could be from your food intake and not bad hygiene so your whole rant is seemingly meaningless. OP should try eating more fruits especially tropical ones or fruit juice and not like caprisun real fruit juice. Her husband should also be a little smarter about it and realize its not going to smell like sunshine and candy if you love him do what you can and then tell him to deal or gtfo.

  March18  |  0

you're right... if he has to deal with her stench then the least she can do is appreciate it. At its worse the smell of a vagina could make someone nauseous, why should he suffer because she doesnt use feminine wash or wipes... diet is a factor but wash meant specifically for vaginal secretions is always an option... and besides, she should know if she smells, its not exactly hard to figure out

  March18  |  0

@djeepee you're just upset because your vagina smells. if it smelled normal then your boyfriend would know that and not have to tell you, unless you're the only one he's been with. own up to the fact that you dont take care of yourself the way you should, tons of people have healthy odor free genitals, join the club!!

  rubberduckie94  |  13

women can shower and wash a couple times a day and still have problems with faint to strong odor. there is a lot going on down there and cleaning something inside your body is a.little harder than say balls that dangle around outside. and i have smelled some nasty balls. anyway i actually think ops husband said this trying to be funny.