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That's quite disturbing. Poor grandma.

His next question: "would it get me high?"


That's discussing. He should be ashamed!

That's quite disturbing. Poor grandma.

Wanna know what is quite disturbing? This lady on My Strange Addiction licked her finger then dipped it into her husband's ashes and then licked it.

Second hand grandma?

Yeah that is pretty fucked. I think I'd have to question his motives because that's kinda twisted.

Eh, she (the wife) kinda deserve it. She says no sex, and he is actually OKAY with that, so now the FML is about his choice of conversation? Maybe SHE should have chosen the topic, since she wanted to just talk after all. It seems like its "boyfriend wants sex, FML." "boyfriend is okay without sec, FML."

44- No offense, but your whole comment is pointless. as for "topic of conversation" I'm sure OP didn't bring it up, but instead her boyfriend randomly blurted it out. The rest of what you said is just a big slop of WTF.

Best idea to hide those from him.

No1 seen how high?

He's her husband, not boyfriend.

25, omg I love that show! Did you see the one about the woman who sleeps with her blow dryer?

Cant smoke ashes........ Dumbass

That other lady drank her own piss.....

79- Yes I did My favorite Strange Addiction was the lady with her boobs. And have you seen the new one with the lady's toenails? Ewww!

I was reading a magazine yesterday, there was a lady in there who ate her husbands ashes, she said he tastes like a mix between rotten eggs, sand, and sand paper, that's disturbing

^^really wish I didn't know that haha

That's fucked up.

This was on Shameless

some hip hop guys smoked tupacs ashes with weed

Tupac isn't dead.

Keith Richards mixed his father's ashes with cocaine and snorted them, this idea is nothing new.

It's really disturbing and gross, but I'm still intensely curious..

69 if its good enough For pac its good enough for ops grandma

Also 3 it is disgusting you couldnt smoke someone from an urn. Ya gotta be taking hits from de bong.

Oh wow uhh.... You have a very insensitive husband

You've got quite a man there

His next question: "would it get me high?"

Dear me, I never thought of that. Now I really want to know; what would happen if (hypothetically!) you smoked dear sweet old grandma?

You might not enjoy it but yea, it would probably fuck you up.

But probably only psychologically.

Spiritually, he's headed in the opposite direction

Apparently Marilyn Manson smoked human bones, he said it tasted awful. But who know if he really did it!

80 - Most urban legends about Marylin Manson aren't true.

I still love him, lol. Saw him at a festival recently and he made someone snort cocaine off his hand. Again, who knows what it really was. But a storm rolled over and there was bats circling around.

Has anyone else been struck with overwhelming curiosity? And this reminds me of Due Date.

Didnt they smoke 2pac after he died. Cause if its good enough for pac its good enough for OPs grandma

Damn, i can never think of anything witty to say when i have a top 10 comment... Someone post something funny on here

Damn OP that's gotta burn.

That's one of those weird places that your mind goes that you don't bring up in conversation... Ever. But I mean hey, at least he was okay with just talking!

Why would he even want to try that? That's just disgusting

He didn't, he just wanted to try and get lucky by picking a horrible topic