By pissed off - 01/07/2012 01:00

Today, my husband staggered home after a night of drinking. He was too intoxicated to find the toilet so he started to pee in the cat's litter box. Apparently, he was invading her territory and she attacked him. His scream as she bit and scratched him must have woken the whole world. FML
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xxkimmyt 9

Maybe that is why I woke up.

That's actually really funny. At least he peed in the litter box instead of the floor.


xxkimmyt 9

Maybe that is why I woke up.

... Ah that solves the mystery of the scream I heard. And here I thought someone left the TV on...

I bet the cat was pissed ... Anyone? No? Ok ... Haha

22cute 17

Your man deserved it. Pissing is how animals mark their territory remember.

Oreohugzpenny 4

Your husband is very intelligent when drunk.

No wonder she was pissed, pussies vibrator was in there! Now it's ruined!!!!!

That's actually really funny. At least he peed in the litter box instead of the floor.

mylifesucks_fml 1

have fun trying to make it feel better OP...

moonsxstars 6

Your cat found a new scratching post

So is the new scratching post his penis?

That is not cool. Although if he was that drunk, he should have just gone outside.

At least he didn't pee in the fridge. Yuck.

Yes, at least he didn't pee in the (insert "anything but toilet and litterbox" here)

Hey! I don't appreciate your comments! I actually had this happened to me. I speak from experience! Yes, it was a drunk bastard. No, it wasn't me. Yes, I had to clean the filth up at the crack of damn. It was one of the nastiest things I'd ever done. I had to buy a new fridge because of the awful, never going away smell. So you can grab your condescending comments and shove them up your rectums. >:) lolololol.

I feel like most people have attempted peeing in the fridge at least once... Right?

unknown_user5566 26

17- Do you honestly think Baustigt cares if he offends anyone?

I neither think or care. I post for the pleasure of posting. I'm not even upset. My playful smile and the "lolol"s at the end will clarify that. Where am I you ask? Well, not sitting in the toilet trying to pass time and logs. Certainly not THAT.

17 - Up at the "crack of damn"?! ... I'm assuming that's freakin early.

Thanks baustigt. I'm perry sure I'm going to get written up from my excessive user of laughter in the work place.

Lmfao! You should be glad he didn't drop a deuce in the litter box

I think urination is more common whilst inebriated, but I could be wrong...

unknown_user5566 26

It may be more common to urinate, but it's not like inebriation prevents you from taking a dump.

Once you piss once, you piss all night.

jojimugo 20

Throw some salt over your shoulder , light a black candle ..... Do something cause that's some hex shit

jojimugo 20

Wrong fml ...... Freaking tequila

Well, I can see it certainly woke you.

For awhile, my cat used to try I attack anyone who tried to clean out her litter box. It was ridiculous. We had to do it while she was downstairs and then once she found out that it was clean she started peeing around the house. Crazy felines.

ifoundalaska 11

Oh that's so strange :/ my bosses cat starts peeing around the house if you DON'T clean his litter box :p

Have you tried a little catnip in the litter-box? It helps with a few issues.

not bad for an insanely drunk person, he could have peed in worse places, too bad the cat was already in there!

That's some serious cattitude.