By ewww - 03/12/2009 05:59 - United States

Today, my husband stabbed me with his unusually long nasty toes nails in the leg while he slept. It took 3 stitches to fix it up, my husband and doctor laughed the entire time. He still refuses to cut them. FML
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SLIP SOMETHING IN HIS DRINK AND THEN CUT THEM sorry about the caps, i'd fix it but im too lazy

Make him sleep on the couch. Or the porch, if you don't have a couch.


epoh_fml 0

make him wear socks to bed then!

at first i was like :| but then i was like X-D

dumbass, if the guys nails got the lady to get stitches do u think they wouldnt rip through socks?

GR3453m0nk3y 4

SLIP SOMETHING IN HIS DRINK AND THEN CUT THEM sorry about the caps, i'd fix it but im too lazy

guckylynn 19

you're too lazy to fix the caps yet not lazy enough to explainyoire lazy? yeah that makes sense. also how does he wear shoes comfortably? if my toenails are even a little too long, my shoes kill my toes.

yea it does make sense, it's not only LESS buttons to push, it's also an irrational procrastination that can make a person do something the longer way as long as it's the same way or an easier way

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Any man with long nails is gay. Besides, that he even don't wants to cut them (which doesn't look like much trouble), makes him a dick. You shouldn't have married a dick. YDI

no all men that have long toe nails need to learn how to keep that pimp hand strong and slap the girl till she cuts them for him.

This happened to me once, minus the stitches. But I bled all over the white sheets in the middle of the night, and still have a scar on my foot!

Make him sleep on the couch. Or the porch, if you don't have a couch.

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you mean put the person that most likely bought the bed, the couch and porch? Exacttly how does that work, in MOST households (not all) the man is the main provider, the wife may contribute or takes care of the house, so why the **** would he be sleeping on the couch when he ******* bought the bed if anything she should sleep on the couch if she finds it that much of a nuisance

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Are you serious? Well then the OPs husband can use the nail clippers HE bought to cut his nails, while sleeping on HIS couch. You sound like your stuck about 50 years ago, get with the times. Oh, and in this post and the other one i read of yours on a different FML, you cant stop saying the word '****'. It doesnt make your point any more right when you use **** as every second word. Idiot.

Ever heard of shared bank accounts? Usually, once two people are married, they buy things together, especially expensive things like a house or furniture. I seriously doubt that it would be "his" house and that she just moved in with him. Could be, but I don't think so. And even so, unless they signed a prenuptial agreement, everything he owns is hers as well.

Haha the wife always has the power;) Unregistered you sound like a angry old man, loosen up...

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Better yet, refuse to sleep in the same bed with him. Most people have a spare bedroom... buy another bed and sleep in there until he cuts his nasty ass nails. Or divorce him, since he apparently doesn't give a damn about making the tiniest bit of effort to avoid hurting you.

the_stereotype 0

i agree. i was going to say sleep somewhere else, but why should you have to move for his problem?

um #8 this isnt the 1800s get with the times seriously i feel sorrryyyy for your wife..if u ever get married with that attitude

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This FML is so disgusting. The fact that his toe nails were long enough to cut you and you require stitches is ******.

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Cut them while he sleeps. and i'd seriously worry about your relationship. its the little things that count. if he won't even cut his toenails for you, and had a good laugh with the doctor over it, well, he's obviously a bit of an arsehole. FYL

Ancient pygmies believed cutting your toenails took a little piece of your soul. No, not really. I made that up. FYL.