By - / Thursday 7 February 2019 12:00 / United States - Niagara Falls
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By  BloodyButUnbowed  |  22

I get that you didn't ask for this and may feel embarrassed, but supporting your daughter and her awesome-sounding dad in their fight against a silly rule will pay off bigtime later. It's not only about her having fond memories of your being supportive. This will also help with the larger and more important lesson that she is allowed to stand up for herself, that she doesn't just have to passively do whatever anyone tells her.

You're her mom. Unless you think she's wrong -- and it doesn't sound like you do -- then shouldn't you teach her to stand up for herself by standing with her?

By  tranced_  |  42

one has to come in parlance with the views of the faculty of the institute.. discipline, dress code and all such policies form part of education. ofcourse there has to be a reasonable fault of the student to be detained but unnecessarily traumatizing students can put them in a bad position amid it creates havoc. I hope the problem is solved otherwise it will just get worse from here resulting in to much attention towards your father which could literally affect her mental health. do not make her do things she doesn't understand. best of luck.

  bluejello2001  |  14

And we're supposed to ignore the message that it sends to a teenage girl, when she's told it's more important for her to be removed from the school because of the length of her shirt straps, than for her to stay and get an education? Because that's what the administration decided.

By  evayzeba  |  2

Good for your husband for sticking up for your daughter, it's sick of her teacher to sexualize her like that and he probably dressed her up in a burqa because she is the pastor's wife, not in spite of.

  Summaria  |  9

He didn't exactly stick up for his daughter though......i wonder if his daughter was even ok with wearing that. That would be the most important question.

By  badrussian79  |  10

Yeah would have done the same. Yes amazon has them and so will most major cities. As far as your pastors wife. Tell her to jam her poly blend up her pretentious ass. Extra credit for anyone who gets the poly blend references and why it makes her a hypocrite.

By  Aphrodite  |  15

Using the burqa like that is so disrespectful. Women all over the world wear it because they want to. This includes orthodox jews in Israel and Muslims. Learn some respect. Learn to respect others religion. I can’t believe you’re an adult with children acting like a complete bigot.

  Yudith  |  18

Wait... there are Jews wearing burqa??? Burqa-wearing Jewish women???? And non-Afgan Muslim wearing burqa (the real one, with the mesh that barely allows you to see in front of you)? For real???

  Dave_Davington  |  33

Fuck off. You're not entitled to have your religion/culture validated by outsiders. Especially when the reason behind whatever practice boils down to "my imaginary friend says so".

By  Lora Wood  |  6

What the hell are sleeve straps?

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