By Kristin - 03/01/2011 04:14 - United States

Today, my husband's old fraternity brother came to visit. He fell out of his car, puked, then passed out drunk in our driveway. We got him to the bathroom where he fell asleep. He woke up at 4am, wandered around the house naked, pooped in my trash can, then passed out again. FML
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takeapieandrun 9

At least he pooped in the trashcan...

sounds like a fun guy


takeapieandrun 9

At least he pooped in the trashcan...

true that! like if he pooped on the floor or on the couch. still an fml thoughhh

Blame it on the alcohol! haha

This sounds like something that could come out of You, Me, and Dupree. WIN

sounds like a fun guy

jason2468 0


Crncj 0

bet he reliving the good ol' days


jordo44 0

YDI, sorry. shouldve just left em outside, drunk ppl + 12 am--6 am = some kinda crazy shit.

r u suppose 2beable to see ur own comment?

Buchitoo 4

No you are not. If you see it then there's something wrong. :-P

Either that ^ or drugd will make you think it isnt even there

if you can see your own comment then it means your comp is infected and you should restore it back to factory condition before you lose all your data!!!

Seeing your comment is a symptom of corrosive retinas. Visit a doctor man, you should be concerned.

did he at least wipe after he pooped? that would be pretty gross if he past out with a stinky/shitty butthole.

well that would just be a shitty situation wouldn't it? no pun intended

OP, did your husband truely even get out of that drunk-off-his-ass stage?

JuuuusssstFML 0

it's not her husband

mintcar 9

I cannot stand to be around those who drink to the point of complete inebriation. FYL.

I would imagine that gets easier the more intoxicated the person in question. It is like a hill analogy with the downhill replacing the uphill.

i agree there comes a time in ones life where growing up should happen and that includes not making an ass out of ones self when drunk. knowing your limit of alcohol consumption generally comes with growing up, or at least it should.

WizardLlama 0

LOLOL omg he pooped in your trash can!!!!!! LOL :D

rafiki19 1

why woukd you take him in the house ? leave him on the driveway i say . or , better yet put him on the neighbours lawn .