By QueenCortana Tiffany Turner - / Sunday 10 February 2019 04:00 /
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By  peanuts363  |  11

Don’t worry, if you are a good wife your relationship will speak for itself. Just remember to communicate regularly and make time for him no matter how tired or busy you may get.

By  tounces7  |  26

You know we're all just patiently waiting for your stupid ass to get bored of this and go away, right? Because we know your attention span is too short to keep this up for very long.

By  Christinegpapas  |  2

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By  zuckerburg  |  21

So all you do is take care of your daughter? I assume this is from another marriage or sideBF? because *my* and *our* is different. You do sound like a gold digger, only you brought some toys to play with, like a house and a car and a daughter that's SO exhausting. Gezas. My sister has 5 kids and still has time to sit on her ass and veg infront of the TV


I have 6 kids also I have money and everything is from before the marriage my youngest is 2 and I’m a stay at home mom because I chose to take care of my kids instead of hiring a nanny he on the other hand works in a deli at a grocery store part time. I didn’t marry him for money I married him because I love him and he loves me

  julfunky  |  26

You neglected to mention how old those “5 kids” are. Nor are you qualified to say whether or not she should be exhausted. Everyone’s capabilities are different and everyone’s children are VASTLY different.

  maroongrad  |  13

No need to defend yourself. If you are happy, you make each other happy, and you help each other be a better person? I wish you a long and happy marriage :)