By okaydisarray - 04/07/2015 02:31 - United States - Dayton

Today, my husband's 70-year-old uncle came for a visit. Since we only have 2 bedrooms, we set him up in our daughter's room. Later, I glanced into the room and saw him masturbating in her bed. FML
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Maybe it's time for him to go.

I have nothing to say but eeeeeeeeeeeeew


Maybe it's time for him to go.

We all have that weird uncle.

Go and learn to not be an uncle who leaves horrid memories on little girl's beds.

But he only just came.

Old people have needs too lol

Not in my kids room, or my house.

This is actually one of the weirdest FMLS I have ever read

That's disgusting. But I guess at old age, some elders don't really care anymore.

old people still have urges too..

Ask any nursing home staff, they'll tell you

That doesn't excuse it.

#75 yeah they have urges too (my mom worked in a nursing home for like 35 years, I've heard all the stories there are to hear lol) but that doesn't make it right for him to do as a guest in someone else's house, and even less so in his niece's bed. That leads to the question of why he was aroused in his niece's bed - totally innocent and mood just struck him? Or something more heinous? I still agree with the commenter that said maybe it's time for him to go... Edit - I guess it's grandniece, technically

Slycooper997 11

Not on the old guy side. But guys get boners at completely random and bad times (actually surprised he could get one if he did)

Did it happen to be the "master" bed room

No, he was just master of his domain lol

haha good pun. It was the daughters bedroom though, so no

At least he "Came to visit".

I have nothing to say but eeeeeeeeeeeeew

PePziNL 20

With a side of "gross" and "get the fuck out"

Trinidad727 9

Everyone's got that creepy uncle.. As for the bed, there's no recovering from that, throw it out...

RedPillSucks 31

by it, you mean the uncle, right? ..., right?

Or just wash the sheets? Ya know, instead of buying a whole new mattress

Ava_Darkflame 26

I don't have a creepy uncle, but I have a crazy uncle. He chased my god mother with a machete once.

Counts as crazy... I have cousins like that

At least he "Came" to visit.

We don't know that. He is 70.

Just because he's 70 doesn't mean he's dead.

Forgot to mention that doing in their daughters bedroom is a little creapy.

RedPillSucks 31

woosh... still creepy, though

@19 #12 meant that it doesn't necessarily mean he came.

Got it #38, thanks.

I'm kind of happy for him. The old man can still get it up at 70 years old. That's pretty impressive.

Yeah, great, he can get it up. But in a little girls room? There's such a thing as Respect... That's quite disgusting to even think about. He'd been gone without hesitation. No tolerance here.

Not to support it, but for all we know op's daughter could be 24 and had just moved out. Im just saying, it doesn't say it wad a little girl in the fml

If he needed to wring one out so badly, he should have gone into the bathroom.

carpet muncher !

Oh I didn't even think of that. Geez that really could be the truth. In that case, spank on? Wether 2 or 24, still doesn't make it ok and still gotta go. Creepy either way. No matter the age I'm not ok with anyone jacking off in her bed or room.

iPixelCheese 19

You need to talk to have a talk with him and your husband, and go over what is ok and not ok.