By Anonymous - United States
Today, my husband invited a couple of his college friends over for dinner. While we were in the middle of eating, one of them asked loudly, "Hey, whatever happened to that fat bitch you dated in your third year?" We've been dating since his second year. FML
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  titanic12beth  |  0

ok maybe THEY just came to the conclusion that you were a fat bitch and your husband tried to stand up for you. maybe they meant 1st year, whatever the case, you're not fat or a bitch anymore.

By  perdix  |  29

He wasn't cheating -- he was "keeping his options open."

Evidently, the OP ended up the big winner in the long run, nosing out the bitch. Or maybe, the big loser, seeing what assholes he hangs out with.

  Laxinitup  |  18

Dang, too bad some people beat me to it that he was cheating on her in college with a fat bitch! That or else she was fat and now is skinny; either way hilarious.