By TextsAlot - 26/08/2010 04:08 - Canada

Today, my husband has been out of town for a week. The only text I've got from him was, "I didn't take a poop today." FML
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I just asked my husband why men do this, (he is also guilty of the whole "i just took a poop, wanna see it?" thing) and he says: "damn, it's because you're my wife! Don't you want to know? What if I'm hospitalized and the doctor needs to know about my bowel's functions!" He then proceeded to ask me about my bowel's functions "just in case". Op, men don't really say a whole lot of "I Love you"s. Men say "Come and see if you can handle smelling my fart." It's um.... affection?

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You wanted to talk to someone that's full of shit?


Well that's interesting. But I don't see that as an fml. more of a funny text from your husband and you are taking that as the worst thing he could have possibly said. Calm down, relax, and wait until he gets home.

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You must be devastated.

Maybe he has a 2g1c fetish and is dissapointed?

What kind of texts did you send him while he was away? Dang I broke a nail! Your dog peed on the floor again! I miss you! Need a foot rub!

He's trying to tell you, The gay anal he's been recieving blocked it...

Maybe his ass was frozen if he is somewhere in the north of where OP is.

besides the fact that he has not messaged all week, i actually think that message is hilarious! He has a sense of humour. Be happy for that =)

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marital blissss or pooop ... it's all the same really :P

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This is only an fml if he didn't call you once since he's been gone. Then, I would feel bad for you. But if you are just complaining over the amount of text messages he has sent you, that is completely immature.