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By  Barette_fml  |  7

Maybe his mom doesn't like her. Sometimes guys keep that a secret to keep from hurting the girl's feelings, especially since the mother doesn't always have a reason for the hate. When my parents got married, my dad stopped talking to his mom because she wouldn't do anything but complain about his being married.

  Cazzybum  |  11

How the hell do you marry someone and not realise that you haven't spoken to their mother about it or invited her to the wedding?, or seen her there on the day?? OP, you're a fucking retard!!

  oboewhore_xD  |  6

Well, I plan on not having anybody from my family at my wedding. They're all dumbasses who I cannot stand, anyway. So why should I invite then to my and my husband's special day?

  Reyo  |  2

She probably fits the traditional "ruin the brides life" role that (evidently) most mother-in-laws fit. Just be glad that your husband doesn't fit the equally annoying "son who's completely oblivious to how much of a bitch his mother is" part.

By  ugliness  |  6

I'm pretty sure this means the mother either hated the bride, is over protective of the husband, or is obsessed with giving her child a spectacular wedding