By Innocence - 13/02/2015 17:33 - United States - Amelia

Today, my husband fell asleep while cuddling. I didn't want to wake him, so I lay there for ages, trying to fall asleep. Just as I finally dozed off, my leg uncontrollably jerked and hit him in the nuts. He's convinced I did it deliberately as revenge for an argument we had 5 days ago. FML
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A man remembers an argument? That's a first.

I just hate it when I get the uncontrollable urge to bag someone in the boys


Hopefully you guys talked after and had a good laugh OP!

I just hate it when I get the uncontrollable urge to bag someone in the boys

Time to laugh it off

#3 I think if OP started laughing it off it would just confirm she hit him on purpose

Time to make up ^~^

How did she deserve that? It was an accident!

Dude, two people pressed it by accident

Not anymore though

Common sense, #5. Not everybody shares your opinion, a lot of people press YDI on accident, and some people over-analyze FMLs in the search for possible alternatives (like this being a subconscious desire).

Or people do it on purpose because they think they are "funny"

I'm sure you'll laugh about it tomorrow OP!

OP may be laughing about it tomorrow, hubby may be walking like a cowboy though.

A man remembers an argument? That's a first.

I remember arguments all the time, I just don't consider them admissible into the present if they are more than a day old.

That's what I thought too!! Only girls do tht

Just argue with him naked and you'll win.

jentrynicole 20

Are you sure it wasn't your subconscious? Hopefully he accepted your apology and understand you didn't do it on purpose though!

it's called a hypnic jerk, and is a common thing to happen when, falling asleep/asleep, I get them sometimes aswell.

#11 its actually more likely to be a myoclonic jerk. Hypnic jerks are generally larger and the OP would have felt like she was falling and therefore waking her up. Myoclonic jerks are just smaller twitches of certain parts of the body as one is falling asleep that the OP could or could not have felt but would not cause an increase in heart rate causing her to wake up.