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It's your own fault if you let him sleep for so long and then bitch about it.

must of been some boring party


Not that bad, but FYL

I would of beat him

doesnt sound like a parrty to me

it's not his fault. it's ur fault for not keeping him awake.

And nobody wanted to wake him up? Wow.

This FML is stupid. *snore*

Yeah I think I fell asleep reading this FML

you must be prettyyyy boring

it's not his fault u were boring...

35- what do ya mean?

he was probably on codeine. you should check him into rehab. either that or you guys are hella lame

ydi for being a mutant pineapple

Maybe the party was super boring. Why wouldn't you just wake him up though.

You didn't wake him up...? YDI

comment moderated there did it myself, anyone notice that fmls get deleted or am i going crazy

OP, YDI for not waking him up. Case closed. :D

ya that's all the op had to do.

Maybe you throw a really boring party, OP.

well op you're a dumbass.

mayybe he was just rlly tired and didnt wana even throw that lame party but you forced it on him.. YDI :P

omg ur life is so fuked up bcuz of this

This FML is stupid. *snore*

I bet when they all left he jumped up and said "hallelujah I thought they'd never go home"

People get tired, it happens

maybe he was just tired? give him a break!

men can fall asleep anywhere anytime. get over it

that's not tr--*snore*

Better get him out of the wa-- *snore*

must of been some boring party

how do you fall asleep at your own party? was it really that boring?

Must have been one hell of a boring party.

Somebody has spiked the tea!

Maybe he was tired or it was that boring.