By blow away - United States - Middletown
  Today, my husband decided to play a recording of me breaking wind in my sleep to my whole family at the dinner table. To make matters worse, it was a compilation of different noises from over a long period of time. My family was horrified and my husband seemed proud of himself. FML
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By  Zebediabolical  |  39

I was going to make a ass-trombone and tromboncini squash joke. But I decided that it's probably too obscure.

Instead, I think you should give him encouragement. Tell him to create a piece of music using those tones like Joseph Bertelozzi did with the Eiffel Tower.

Who am I kidding. FYL, OP.

  Mama4ddk  |  15

How in the blue hell does this comment have anything to do with what she wrote? Random much?! I'm assuming you really didn't have it anything constructive to add and you couldn't come up with anything better then an asinine in salt? I probably wouldn't have bothered if I did send me. 0p I am not sure which part to feel sorry for you about, your family for not having a sense if humor, or because your husband should know this and he seems oblivious and show them something that she would completely offend them. Fyl for sure.

  Mama4ddk  |  15

I don't know, I figure as long as you weren't saying anything nasty or able to smell any of them the noises she made in her sleep why isn't the dinner table an appropriate please do this? In our family that's where we discuss everything that happens in our life good bad indifferent funny. This is definitely something that would have fallen under hilarious and everyone would have taken turns laughing and telling their stories. I think people has just gotten a little uptight its like breathing or blinking, it's not like you can control it so just accept it and smile. Fyl 41 having an uptight family with no sense of humor and 24 having a husband you clueless to realize it lol good luck in the future

  Mama4ddk  |  15

Hahahaaa omg me too! I warned him pay back would be creative! It's all in fun though so I really don't understand where the problem lies for OP's family.