By Anonymous - 22/08/2009 19:48 - United States

Today, my husband decided to drain his motorcycle oil into an empty bottle of laundry detergent. Also today, I decided to lift a stain out of my white comforter with some detergent I found in the garage. FML
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Obwaban 0

who looks in the garage for laundry detergent?

Hmm whats the difference between oil and detergent? Oh yes, one is jet black and smells. The other is a mushy blue colour. Fucking idiot.


ColSanders942 0


what a moron. YDI

inconvienentgurl 0

how does she deserve this...its not her fault her husband was stupid n didnt dispose of the oil properly!! de-de-de

z3r0ram 0

who gets sex stains all over a white comforter YDI because obviously if it was in the garage next to the empty oil bottles, your math didn't add up

Imawhalerider 0

There must be a motor in that bedroom

FapFapFapFap 0

YDI. At least now when your husband fucks other women (You're obviously an ungrateful bitch, you should be doing all the work like a proper female), you will see the sex stains and can talk to him about it. And he'll bitch slap your damn ass out onto the street, you stupid fuck.

pepper2394 0

And this is why you dont have a girl...

Maddoctor 10

Wow Fap, sexist much? Who the fuck put ants down your pants?

ihateharrypotter 0

Yeah, FYL, not only for having such a dumbass of a husband, but also for having such idiotic FML'ers who're blaming YOU for the whole thing. Go bonk your husband on the head with the detergent bottle.

Hey fap, id like to see you face its probably either black and blue from all the women who've kicked your ass saying that shit or if its red from all the slaps you've recieved from woman. seriously get out god damned motherfucking 19 century and apologize to every women youve said shit to like that

makjon86 0

Banshee, insults work better when they're comprehesible. Thank you for proving that there is a point to our educational system.

HahaYDI 0

Dammit the troll just beat all of you

lol fail

mickybay 16

Because oil is back laundry detergent is not he wasn't paying attention when she put the detergent in the wash. She deserves it.

Obwaban 0

who looks in the garage for laundry detergent?

Some peoples' washer and dryer are in the garage, having detergent there isn't all that uncommon. However, YDI. The differences are obvious.

kionnalexus 0

some people stock things in their garages, that's probably where they put things when they aren't using them. Also, FYL and I hope you're husband got an earful or a foot up his arse.

simplyn2deep 2

who looks in garage for laundry detergent? how about people who keep their washer & dryer in the garage!

uh..people who have their washer and dryer in their garage. [[eye roll]] think before you speak/type

Even if you dont have a washer in the garage (like me) You still store surplus detergent and other stuff in the garage when you dont use it... Also.. How can you not tell the difference between detergent and oil... Detergent smells... nice...and doesnt have an oil color...

bexox 0

Maybe she just dumped some of it in straight out of the bottle and didn't pour it in the cap first.

As for the people saying "well I have my washer in my garage" I'm also sure you are like most that put their detergent ON TOP of said washer machine or have a general area for said things. I'm pretty sure the husband didn't put the motor oil by the bulk foods or on the shelf with the detergent since most of the time we put like shit in a collective pile. So either OP wasn't paying attention (YDI) or your husband wasn't (FYL).

guynamedsky 15

that's not the weird part, the weird thing is how in the heck did they not notice it was oil? completely different looks and smells

rockyhorrorshow 0


Hmm whats the difference between oil and detergent? Oh yes, one is jet black and smells. The other is a mushy blue colour. Fucking idiot.

echarperouge 0

I'm a little confused here- if it was a top loading washer, you'd pour the detergent in before stuffing the comforter in there. If it was a front loader with a soap tray, you could have just pulled the comforter out before it started the wash. You'd have to be pretty moronic to just not notice and go on washing it.

Some people would pour the detergent in after loading it - I know that's how my family does it.

Even if you put the detergent in after loading the maching, you can still open the door and unload it as soon as you notice that you poured something else than detergent. And how can you not notice the difference? Even if the detergent bottle wasn't see-through, you would've seen the difference when the stuff came out of the bottle, and smelled the used oil stench as soon as you opened the bottle.

So in order to find something to clean your clothes you look in the garage? Where cars and whatnot are. And you didn't noticed it was black and gross smelling. Do you always use black detergent? 'Cause my detergent is blue and meadow scented.

simplyn2deep 2

see comments 5, 7 and 8

she could live in a condo douchebag, or have the washer and dryer in a garage how the fuck could u not have thought that? u been living in a cave or ur moms uterus this whole time? please think before u comment, btw do u always smell the detergent? or do u look at the label and then pour? dickmunch

ihateharrypotter 0

LMAO @ mom's're a genius

you poured black laundry detergent in the washing machine, YDI.

how the fuck would she have known? its not like a fuckin bright rainbow inside the container

i thought i was the only one.

anniemeece 23

To be fair, you don't necessarily look at what you're pouring before it's poured. She could have only poured a little bit before she realized - she didn't say she went and poured the whole thing and ran the washer and what not before she noticed. Anyway, that sucks. Maybe you could tie-dye it any make it look even better?

finally, someone with sense. She might have just poured a little bit. It's still gonna stain the white comforter... Or hell, maybe she had lots of shit to do, and wasn't paying attention. I mean, do all of you "YDI" posters really check your laundry detergent for motor oil? Probably not, as I bet your mom does your laundry. I say FYL, OP.

softbonez 0

I believe this because my dad changed his motorcycle oil and put it into a clorox container. The auto parts guy refused to accept it. And also, I think she wanted to pre-treat her stain with the detergent. It doesn't really mean she poured it into the washing machine. PS: People put all sorts of things in garages. I know tons of people who have an extra fridge. It's not weird at all....

except she implies that she did

letitbe56 0

It doesn't imply that she put it in the washing machine at all. If she was treating a stain, it would make the most sense to assume that she put it directly on the stain. (I'm thinking the people assuming she put it in the machine are laundry neophytes at best.) I don't see how there is any way she could have deserved this. When I grab a jug of Tide, I don't think to check to see if it's motor oil. FYL, OP.

we have two fridges and a treadmill in yhere

aaaaa12345_fml 0

lol everyone on here has down syndrome

bexox 0

Including you.

I love the way this is worded. LOL