By Kate - 03/06/2010 07:44 - United States

Today, my husband decided he will be a 'stay at home' dad. We have two cats. No kids. FML
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I smell some lazy ass in the area xD

make sure to prepare college funds for the cats


I smell some lazy ass in the area xD

Kimberly_Isabel 7

And it stinks! Badly. Dump the idiot OP!

ydi for liking Nabisco food products

ydi for marrying a loser lol dump his lazy ass. ...... and take the cats lol

I’m a stay at home dad I’m on paternity leave I’m a stay at home dad It’s just the kitty and me

lol 18 did you make that up

No it's by John lajoie. I added the kitty part.

Old people burning Old people burning Put your hands up

he's a god amongst men

Old People Burning Old People Burning, That's kinda messed up. JON LAJOIE - I KILL PEOPLE!!!

mmastermetallica 0

seriously cats and everyone who like them are bad news.

CloudN9N3 0

a stay at home dad as in having sex with another women while you are at work? yea that sounds about right

Maybe he thinks you guys are planning to have kids in the near future?

princesszeebunny 0

ahh i love that song i kill people soo much!!

rosemary1990 0

damn he's just lazy

maybe he could be waiting for you to leave for work to go sleep with someone else. either that or he's really lazy. tell him to do some work or get the f out of your life. or, as lee evans says, tell him to do stuff in a sexy voice :) it actually works.


I'd play video gamez all day cuz Ima pimp like that jk!(x

Stupid poor people stupid poor people i have more money than you- jon lajoie!!!!! He makes canadians so proud XP

thatgirlkat 9

Hate to say this OP but it might be another women...

Fur-babies need love and attention too...

cryssycakesx3 22

ugh... "fur baby" makes me want to punch myself... right in the face.

make sure to prepare college funds for the cats

sashatlhs 0

and a few trust funds in case "dad" dies lol

they are kiddy cats anyway..

loser. tell him to get off the couch and get a job or get out.

Tell him to get his ass to work. Just tell him whatever you think is acceptable.

lawl. what does that even mean?

Alternative way to spell lol.

Laughing arm waving lout.

xHabsfanx 0

No kids? well maybe the dingo ate yo baby! o.O random, I know..

Raider889 0

I'm pretty sure that those ain't the only pussy's he's lookin after

littlemissdqgirl 8

9 win! Tell him to get a job op.

OP's got a husband and she hates that dick, she tells me every day...

xGet_Over_It 0

i wont pay i wont pay no way i wont pay na na why dont you get a job

what a strangle and uncomfortable relationship you two must share

Sounds like an excuse to play Call Of Duty all day.....

Pimp that bitch out!