By meg the mighty
Today, it's been 3 days since my husband decided he really wanted to try the surstromming challenge. I can still smell that shit all through my house even with all the doors and windows open after the stupid bastard took one smell, vomited, and dropped the can on the carpet. FML
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  Phillycheeze  |  20

It is salted fremented (sp) sea herring. It's tasty, but it has an odor that can get pretty strong. Definitely an item that should be opened and eaten outside. I could be wrong I'm from the states... But my host family made it and had me try it....

By  ViviMage  |  38

YDI for not letting him do the Surströmming challenge outside in a park 5 miles downwind!

Try filling a spray bottle with vinegar, then spray everything you own from 6 inches. Including him!

By  Gradask  |  10

I am Swedish and bit tired of people trying Swedish food without doing it correctly and then screaming it horrible.
I seen people eat knäckebröd ( crispbread) as crackers with nothing on... in Sweden it used as slice of bread and you add stuff to a slice of bread.

Surströmming the way people eat it, is only as the hardcore surströmming lovers eat them, not as normal person eats it. And then few people has tried it on youtube the correct ways says it inst as bad , as the click bait idiotic way as many do.

Sorry but am bit tired of this.

And there is way of getting surströmming smell away, it is burning a plant common to the north of Sweden as incense.

By  Candy Johnson  |  2

First rule of surströmming is don’t eat or open the can indoors! My friend once opened a can and the pressure squirted it straight into his nose!! He smelled it for days.