By shanti - 16/02/2014 17:30

Today, my husband cracked a "rectum? damn near killed him" joke at my grandfather's funeral. He had genuinely spoken without thinking, but his quick gasp and "Oh shit" sounded quite sarcastic. We were both kicked out. My family thinks I put him up to the whole thing. FML
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Never heard that one before, i'll have to add that to my...arsenal of jokes.

#20, that would be his grammar


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She even said that he didn't realize how distasteful his comment was, and that he was genuinely remorseful but saying "oh shit" was a bad choice of words.

Please, shut the fuck up.

No you shut the fuck up

Never heard that one before, i'll have to add that to my...arsenal of jokes.

I salute you :-)

Dat pun though

Adding that joke would give you enough material to stretch from uranus and back.

sorry OP for your loss and try to make him explain that you have nothing to do about it to your parents

Gee, you really got PUNished for that. That aside, I'm sorry to hear about your loss. Hopefully you can explain what happened before you're excommunicated from the family!

That actually wasn't that funny... ;~;

Reminded me of johnny english at a funeral.

Who thinks about jokes at a funeral?

We all end up dead and the griefs going to be there for a while, there's no need to force gloom and doom. A funeral should be to celebrate someone's life not obsess over the fact they died. Obviously it's different when you are coping with the death of a younger person but if someone lived to a ripe old age and saw their granddaughter get married I would think that's a pretty full life and should be celebrated. Just my personal feelings about it. I know that's not how a lot of people think.

That's why I want my funeral to be a huge comedy club :p

I want mine to be at a strip club. Bring flowers get a free lap dance.

I'm with #28. I want my funeral to be one huge joke.

Try to explain to your family OP, or at least beg to pay your respects. Make your husband wait outside if necessary.

That was pretty insensitive of him.. :/

He didn't mean it. Read the FML dude!

Well, everyone suffers brainfarts like that. Don't worry, hopefully everything will turn out all right. I honestly think that your family already hated you and your husband.

this doesn't sound real, but if it is, your husband should be met with a few day's dry spell, and an explanation offered to your family. who, in my opinion, need to have more trust and care in you. fyl, op.