By LCDhell - 14/11/2011 05:44 - United States

Today, my husband bought a new 80-inch TV. Not only can we barely afford it, but it also blocks our doorways no matter where we put it. He refuses to return it. FML
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80 inch tv? Jeez how small is his penis?

Buttsexpirate 9

Welcome to prime time bitch!


Buttsexpirate 9

Welcome to prime time bitch!

pfft who cares about doorways? Gotta watch me some saturday morning maybe that thing called football.

Now you can really split screen that bitch and watch four channels on not-so-mini 40 inch portions

I love how OP's username is LCDhell. Haha, does anyone else get it?


I wish MY s.o. would buy an 80 inch TV. :(

I was impressed by it as well.

D37H100 5

Hook up a box, and/or PS3 & you're set!

I hate to say it, but size does matter. The room/tv size is important. A room that small with a tv that big? No good. Think sears had a method for figuring out the right size to fit your room. I have a rather large room and 50" was recommended size. It's perfect, big enough to fill the man law, small enough not to strain eyesight while viewing. Op you man is an idiot, FYL.

Yahoowizard- math isn't your subject, eh?

lol who gives a damn ? i have a 55 inch in my room and i find it's perfect , everybody with his taste , even tough some may not know that a TV to big for your room can ruin your eyes ..

Who needs to go anywhere when you have tv?

AffrontedFetus 0

115... I think you're missing the point. The TV doesn't fit. This has nothing to do with what anyone likes.

Does op live in a trailer? How does a tv block the doorways? I'm sorry if I sound a little rude but either you need to rearrange your rooms or your place is way too small.

sunlovinmama 1

Mount it to the ceiling over you're bed, may need special equipment to anchor it properly if that's even possible. Could also build a tv room onto house at varying levels of security a full room or like a sunroom with out many walls, or put it in garage and have a "theater" room. There's the issue of paying for it though, may have to get rid of cable or Internet for awhile to afford it but with $1 redbox movies it shouldnt be too big of a sacrifice

I don't like the idea of people telling me what's right and wrong in my own damn house, the rules is you put what ever size u want... He'll I have a 12 inch In by big bed room and it's perfect

tjv3 10

well that why they invented the swing arm wall mounts

It is true personal choice overrules all else, but before you drop a grand or so make sure you'll be happy. Buying a 65" only to be looking all over to see a movie is a waste. I found gaming on my 50" isnt as fun as on my old 32" tube tv. Save the money, get a tv that fits your needs and get a kick ass surround to go with it! Do they even sell 80"?

107 - If you have an 80 inch screen, and split it into 4 screens you would have 4, 40 inch screens. They are measured diagonally, and with four screens they would all meet in the middle, which means each would be 40 inch screens. So whomever made the original comment with the "bad" math, good job using common sense.

Chaos187 6

welcome to 'Merica!

red box is now $2 where I live... FML... lol

Sucks to be you. Wait till he goes out and take it back. Second comment!!

Whoever thumbed me down, I hate you.!

Randy84 10

Nobody cares that you made the second comment. If you're not first you're last.

2 - You sir, are a twat.

Your husband is full of fail isn't he? He sounds like he would be an awesome dad though!

I'm pretty sure that'd be weird if it was her dad

Cynical_in_SK 6

Oh yes...he would be an awesome dad! I can just hear him now: "Hey kids, sorry there's no food to eat, but look how awesome my...I mean you're video games look on our huge TV!" Yes...because we all know a gigantic TV is a necessity of life.

what kind of father tells hiskids that they're video games (its your)

rexgar2000 10

calm down 47 I'm sure it was just a typo.

Cynical_in_SK 6

Thank you was a typo. I must have accidentally put an e at the end and autocorrect was kind enough to supply the apostrophe. I'm well aware of the difference between "your" and "you're". As in YOU'RE overreacting in YOUR post. Lol. I do sympathise though...I can't stand it when people use them wrong either.

I understand It could have been a typo but I found a halfway decent joke in your fail and voiced it. didn't mean to offend

80 inch tv? Jeez how small is his penis?

Side note: if you tell me where you live I'll gladly take it off your hands, and some other stuff too. Please leave address below. Thanks

I've never heard of tv size being related to penis size. There's no sense of power or dominance attributed to the size of a tv other than to simply enjoy it or show off to your friends. I mean seriously, an 80 in tv is a damned home theater, I wouldn't mind having one as long as the room couches are 20ft back.

14, take the tv or the penis?

Sean3333 0

The only reason they said something about penis size is because the person that bought it is trying to make up for something they dont have

sunlovinmama 1

14- that was a funny comment. An obvious joke. Sorry there are so many uptight people on FML that simple jokes cannot be enjoyed

je_suis_fml 11

170, relax. I'm almost positive that was meant for the tirade above your initial comment.

What a rude comment

Sean3333 0

It's true. Sometimes the truth hurts.

Put a porcelain unicorn in every door way in the house, just to piss him off.

Lay it on the floor.

Because getting a wall-mount would be just....stupid?

6 by laying the TV on the floor people will just step and break it or something will fall on it. Please stop giving stupid ideas.

RedPillSucks 31

They could put it on the bedroom ceiling!!!

boarder540 12

Or you could THROW IT ON THE GOUND!!! because your an ADULT!

Yes that's a super idea #6. Just lay the TV on the floor and create anti-gravity in the room, so OP and family can float up to the celing to watch it. Problem solved.

51 - I'm not sure if you're trolling, or just stupid.

Watching porn on 80" of tv? AWESOME

Yeah and you can see the minutest details, in HD too. Enjoy.

80 inches? I've seen bigger.

Good for those with a giant fetish...

rainbow_kisses90 2

Agreed :)


I can already see it... "Guys! We just got a new tv! And it's HUGE! You've go see it! Careful! You can't actually go in the room, cuz I don't want you touching it! And there's no way in hell you're getting through that doorframe with it!"

I assume he's going through his mid-life crisis. He's probably going to buy a motorcycle with no insurance next.

Porn on the 80 inches screen. Life acomplished.