By AchievementUnlocked? - United States
Today, my husband and I were talking about celebrities he finds attractive. All of these beautiful, talented, glamorous women were starting to make me feel very plain, so he attempted to console me by saying, "But I love you. You're attainable!" FML
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  xBethanyC  |  15

Guys day the darndest things don't they? I'm sure his intentions were good but his words just came out wrong. I'm sure you're beautiful and wonderful, op. :) don't sweat.

  \  |  28

She may be plain to her husband, but at least she's a real person.

  cakefete2  |  30

"To be fair"? When have you ever known wives to care about fairness. A wise man once said, "yes, dear, you're right" and he loved happily ever after. Lol

  CallMeMcFeelii  |  13

"Plain" is beauty to me. If a girl is comfortable enough to walk around with little to no make up, that's fucking sexy. You can doll anyone up, but you're just turning yourself into eye candy. Don't get me wrong I love when a girl makes herself look like she just walked out of a movie set, but that shouldn't matter especially in a marriage. I'm sure OP's husband sees his wife in a way no other guy does. That's all OP should be worried about. As long as her husband sees her as beautiful, then she is in fact beautiful.

  KawaiiCupcake  |  14

I've seen many woman that are way better looking than many of the celebrities in Hollywood. Like my art teacher who is very gorgeous, better looking than Kim K could ever be. I bet your pretty OP.

  vipirius  |  18

*sigh* Call me old-fashioned, but I dream of a world where not cheating is considered normal and expected of every human being, instead of being something to be glad of. But that's just me.

  I'madumbass  |  19

No kidding. I have had plenty of personal experience with that myself. My bf listens to his relatively-huge ego instead of his heart, and btw says things just because it will "make him feel better " or something. He even told he he doesn't know what's right (probably because his heart is telling him something and he's kinda listening, but he's more focused on the ego). Tip for OP: When a guy says something like that, try your best to ignore it. It's probably his ego talking. I would just be happy he married you and leave it at that..

By  Fitzinator1995  |  13

he knows what he can get. good for him