By whathef???? - 13/02/2010 06:51 - Canada

Today, my husband and I were role playing to keep our marriage alive. His character was a deranged stalker while I was the helpless girl. My neighbor thought I was really being chased so she called the cops. Once they came we explained the whole story and got a fine for disturbing the peace. FML
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BigLostBear 0

I find this so funny.

kivkiv 2

finally a 1st that doesn't say FIRST!


BigLostBear 0

I find this so funny.

Enoch134 0

I didn't count I just made up a random number hehehe (drat they found out)

froggi_fml 0

anyone who comments on this one just so their comment is at the top deserves to die.

HotpinkKitties 0

This IS really funny, did you guys blame each other for getting in trouble afterwards? If so, it probably really is time to give up the marriage.

ladida94 0

uuuuummmmmmm like you?? froggi?? lol

lol i agree with 29 that shits hilarious lol u got nosy asz neighbors

Bugatti_Veyron 1

@froggi you just did it retard... op don't you do that kind of stuff INSIDE. unless your hobos and live in the sewer, nobody whants to see your sex games!

op, quiet down ;) and guys, dont say anything about froggi. hes just doing it for attention. /froggi

azurablade 0

I can only describe this FML in 3 words: W. T. F.

frogging ur a twat candy @$$ prick

Tkdxxxse 0

should have got the cop involved oooooo officer I ve been a very bad girl then your husband comes in and kills you both and eats your babys then poops on you remains before feeding it to hungry African kids :D

ladida94 0

#82...... kiiiiinnnnk-kaaay!! no actually on the contrary that was quite disturbing... lmao teehee

real bad neighbores lol

TrekkieGirl 0

WTF are you not "role playing" inside the house? If you were, then there is no way your neighbor should have been disturbed. YDI for poor planning.

let him in the forbidden hole that should be enough exitement right there

Role playing? Like this: *Begin scene* "Stop following me you creep." "I'm gunna get ya, and eat you pussy." "Someone help! CALL THE COPS!" "They can't help you now, I am Evil.. EVIIILLL.. Mhua ha ha ha ha!" *moment of wild, angry pretend rape* "You're disgusting. This is wrong. This is Rape." "It's not rape if like it." "Well I don't like it." "Wait-- what?.. If you don't like it, you know the code word is 'bananas', right?" *Enter cops*

tianxing1012 0

why are you two doing thos outside? and if not, why are you giys doing this inside with the curtains open? YDI (ha, i commented on yours to be on top)

depressedgamer 0

that's creepy and first! cuz I've never got to say it

BigLostBear 0

lol too bad you didn't get first :P , I don't get what's so special about being first?

Enoch134 0

me either and I've bin first like 23 times ;) how is that creepy my ex use to dress up as a school girl and I just put my lettermen jacket on ahhhh good times i miss her :(

Riiiight. It's not a big deal, huh? Which is why you've been counting. -_-

BigLostBear 0

#12 exactly what I was thinking when I read his comment lol

kivkiv 2

finally a 1st that doesn't say FIRST!

Enoch134 0

thank you so much for pointing that out want a cookie hmmm no.... well then how about you SHUT THE FUUUUUUCCCKKKK UP

enoch, i think he was talking about the actual first not saying "first!"

Enoch134 0

I know what he means I'm just say that we know it doesn't say first to and he just has no real imput

goarrows 0

yikes echo your cool.. not. now why don't you go shut the fuck up?

YDI for being unaware of the word discreet. --_

YDI for being disgusting people. Why are there such disturbed people I'm this world?

Just because you don't think it's sexy it's disturbing? Seriously, everyone has their own kinks, don't judge them just cause you wouldn't do it.

Enoch134 0

can I join we can lock your husband outside and I'll ride you all day long ;) lol sue ur neighbers for being peeping toms

You can't get in trouble for disturbing the peace for something like that at your own home. Jeeze.

you should have asked the cops to join in.

Ajjas013 6

Just shove a Twix bar in your mouth and explain it to him. They always agree ;)

thoughtcrimeno1 0

haha it's almost a good "the aristocrats" joke now, sans children

Pendatic FTW!

cooly1100 0

ha now u know better dummy

alwayslovetolaug 0

this is a Dane cook skit... ydi for making it too realistic!

ladida94 0

dont call me b*tch! haha dane cook= pure funniness

You should have put a gag in her mouth...

he had to catch her first.

Giggity giggity goo.

lickmyjock 0

that's why u get them in an enclosed space first