By rainastartree - 23/12/2013 21:10 - United States - Crum Lynne

Today, my husband and I were fighting over money. As we were arguing, our 13 year old daughter stole $250 dollars from my purse. FML
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Merry Christmas from your brat of a child.

what does a 13 year old need 250 dollars for?!?!?!


If that was me I'd be dead

yes not good

if that was me, there would be no money in the purse to begin with, my parents are both broke and unemployed

Who carries 250$ in cash??? I'm sorry but you're kind of asking for it in my opinion if you decide to carry that much

The OP probably had it to do last minute Christmas shopping.

exactly, now this depends on how old the daughter is, if she were my child, she would be getting nothing for christmas, I would return all of her presents to get the $250 back, if they don't add up whatever she bought will be returned

81, They said 13, and they know it's her, so I assume they took the money back from her and yeah I agree return anything they got her

Yet u got internet.

The OP could have written the FML at the library, or one of the millions of places that have free WIFI

I think it's time to show your daughter some oldschool education. I think belting is a good one to start with.

Hey 70, I bet you blame rape on the girls for wearing too little clothing.

Am I the only one who's wondering if the daughter stole the money for selfish purposes or because she was so sick of the fighting that she took the money to try and make a point e.g. "That's enough, no more money for you until you can stop fighting over it."?

70, I carry that much cash on me. I bartend and sometimes I don't have time to make it to a bank. Op may have had that money on her to finish her Christmas shopping.

Yeah! Those damn lols, being overused all the friggin' time. lol that. Makes me cringe every time. lol

Both of you stop it right now.

Hey it's a free site.

Yeah..freedom of speech etc, Mr President.

I'm just gonna go ahead and say that this thread sucks...

Freedom of Speech protects what you say from the government - not the consequences of your speech.

Freedom of speech really only applies to the government.

yeah ask Phil.

Merry Christmas from your brat of a child.

\ 28

Hey, maybe the culprit has been found!

You're right! It's her 13 year old daughter! Way to do your job detective. Now take this lollipop and go sit in the corner.

Smart daughter you have there.

\ 28

No thanks.

They made her a brat so...

well shit, your kid is a brat

Brattier than most.

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96-nobody cares

Who cares? It's better than calling her a little bitch.

what does a 13 year old need 250 dollars for?!?!?!

Lets hope something legal

it s not so expencive

It is when you don't have much money.

probably waste on beats audio headphones

The morning-after pill.

Condoms! Thats what she used the money on! Lotsband lots of condoms. :D

Starbuck's, Uggs, and an iPhone5.

$250 wouldn't buy all that.

$250 might buy the Starbucks.

Used uggs and a used iPhone !

Cocaine is a hell of a drug

She's saving up for her parents' divorce!

To buy better parents

Cocaine duh lol

make up, video games,a phone, fast food, and if she is stupid enough drugs

Great job, maybe your child was using your discussion to make a move on that purse of yours ;)

What does a thirteen year old even need money for? Let alone $250.

Probably to buy designer clothes and make up so she can go on the pull... Darn kids grow up too fast these days.

Maybe she stole it to buy her mother a spa treatment!

Were you one of those kids who sat on the internet all day? Money can be used for movies, bowling, games, pizza, etc. I don't agree with OP's thief of a child, but asking what a teenager needs money for is ignorant.

Where did she learn that from I wonder?

I hope you punished her appropriately! No respect.

Yes I really hope so too. People think it's no big deal when their child steals a couple of bucks but it's a big deal. I know someone who used ti steal change from his parents and siblings, and his parents never did anything about it thinking he'd grow out of it. Well years later he went from stealing change, to taking their credit cards, to stealing their jewelry and tools. So please OP do something about it or it will come back and bite you in the ass.

Whenever I punish my kids, I'm going to do it Matilda-style and lock them in the chokey.

#56 You know those toy cars/horses that you ride in as kid at shopping centres? They used to be only 20 cents when I was a kid, and I was obsessed with them. Whenever my parents dropped their wallet/money, I used to always take the twenty cent coins and ignore the $20 and $50 notes. Still have my dumb moments now, but I think I turned out ok otherwise? XD

haha I loved those but they were a quarter when I was a kid. I should have been more specific. He would go to his sisters box full of quarters and coins worth a bit more and take a handful of them. So it'd probably add up to a couple bucks, which still isn't a lot. but his parents should have disciplined him..Obviously not everyone is the same. So good for you 141! :)

At least you've found the source of part of your issues, if not the whole issue.